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I'm up early because I finally got the CDs delivered from CompUSA and I'm trying to get all the discs burned before my chapter meeting Wednesday, so I can hand over the librarianship free and clear.

Only my computer isn't exactly cooperating. Last night it said it couldn't perform the laser speed necessary to burn the discs. I restarted, was able to burn a disc, but that was it. So I shut down the computer last night, and have been able to burn about 10 discs in an hour and a half.

I have about 120 more to go. Do the math.

I had dinner with Mary Beth last night, on the Riverwalk! She's in town for a journalism conference, called, and we met up. I've never been downtown alone, y'all. I'm so proud of myself! We had a great time, and even though it rained and we sat outside, we were under the bridge, so we could just enjoy the coolness.

I'm actually enjoying Dance of the Gods. I didn't think I'd like a shapeshifter/demon hunter romance, but Larkin is just as charming as can be, and Blair is kind of Buffy grown up. I started the book Friday and I'm on page 90.

My dh rented his tux yesterday. Cheaper than last year, and he got red accessories. He wanted orange, but hello, Halloween? Seriously.

I know what I want to write next in my WIP, my heroine is going to lay eyes on the bad guy and my hero is finally going to be NICE, but this CD burning is time consuming. Just FYI.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mary! Just stopping by to say hello :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! Hugs on the CD burning. :-(
It was great meeting you and dinner was wonderful.

MJFredrick said...


Once I took the 2 unopened packages of CDs back and traded them for a brand my computer liked better, it only took me (ahem) 10 hours to burn all the CDs. Before that....4, maybe?


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