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My printer isn't working. The computer tells me it's offline. I don't know what that means, but it DOESN'T make me happy. And the dh hasn't been around to fix it. He got in from his gig last night at 1, and has another tonight.

I was working on the synopsis for Something to Talk About Last night, looking for that missed step. I have a bigger problem than I thought (which will be fixable, but for now, a problem.) I started off with the heroine breaking off with her boyfriend because she wanted her own identity, other than coach's girlfriend. Well, she hasn't done anything about finding her own way at all. She's still bullied by her parents to work in their diner every morning (which isn't too much of a hardship, because my hero's there to see her every morning) and she's still bullied by what the town thinks of her. I need to find SOME way for this girl to assert herself. But I did find the missing step, I think.'s time to shop for my charm for this story.

I could be obvious and get this charm.


He has a dog, so I could get this charm.


They go on a camping trip that leads to the discovery of their relationship, so I could get this charm. Isn't it cute?


She works in a diner, where he comes in for breakfast every morning, so I could get one of these. I'm partial to the pancakes.




I saw a kissing booth one, and though there's a church festival, there's no kissing booth. Still, how cute is this?


And you should see the choices I have once I finish my rodeo story!!!! For that matter, you should see the pictures I have waiting for you when I start my rodeo story!!



Anonymous said...

I love charms!

Anonymous said...

Those are great charms! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the charms. What a fabulous idea.
Offline printer: when my laser at work does this,I have to press the green go button or the button with the checkmark on it depending on the printer I'm using. Don't know if that will help you or not.

KATZ said...

I'd missed reading this part about the diner before I gave you my suggestion on the newer post for your plot...
Could it just be her DAD's diner, mom ran away, and she feels even MORE duty to uphold appearances, because her dad was so betrayed and then destroyed by the gossip???

MJFredrick said...

Turns out the USB hub died, which is why my printers wouldn't work. So while we wait to get a new hub, we have the laser plugged into the computer itself. MUST HAS printer!!!

I'm leaning toward the pancake charm or the tent....

Sarah, I'm REALLY liking this idea. It shouldn't be too hard to excise Mom from the story....though I finally had BOTH parents for one of my characters, LOL!


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