Looonnnnnnnnng Week, NOT LOLCats, Image Searches and Edits

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WOW, has this been a long week. At one point during the test yesterday, I think the clock was going BACKWARDS. The kids tested till 2:30. Ugh. And today, math.

I came home and my baby kitty Skippy brought a dead bird into the house. EWWW. And SOMEONE - I'm not naming names, but I suspect Skippy - knocked over my amaryllis, which FINALLY had 4 big beautiful flowers on it. Now, it doesn't.

I did an image search on JDM and this blog came up on the 5th page! It's a pic of Jensen, though.

I did 40 pages of edits this AM. Most are repeated words and stuff, but some is timeline-related and I have to go back and reread the story for that. My WRP editor and my Samhain editor have definite different styles. My Samhain editor is very conscious of repeated words and phrases, and dialogue tags. My WRP editor was very conscious of pronouns (and other stuff, too, I'm sure, but I can't remember.) All I know is, when I sat on the couch with my gel pen and my small town story last night, I was too tired to write!



Stacy Dawn said...

Yeah, it's funny how editors are very different, even publishing houses are different.

Hope the tests went better today LOL.

MJFredrick said...

I know, Stacy! And one of my CPs is a former editor and some of the things she's taught me, both these editors ignore or contradict!


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