Heartbreaker....The One That Won't Sell

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Stressed out, not sleeping...hope Mom will spring for Starbucks on the way to the hospital....

So I was thinking about books I've written, ones submitted and ones rejected and ones tucked away. I have three completes I really believe in, but the one I want to sell more than any is Hot Shot. Even though I've worked and reworked and reworked again on that book, it's still my favorite. I love the characters, love the setting, love the conflict. Don't Look Back comes close for me, but Hot Shot is my baby.

And if it's never published....that will be a heartbreaker for me.

Do you have a book you're dying to see in print?

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Gina Black said...

Don't know why I'm not sleeping right now. . .

I felt that way about RAVEN which is why I finally subbed to an epub.

My thoughts will be with you and your family today.

Trish Milburn said...

Yeah, it will break my heart if Coven, my paranormal YA, doesn't sell. I just love that book.

I hope the surgery is going well.

Anonymous said...

Mar....I'd submit Hot Shot to Cerridwen Press, an arm of EC, large and organized, and a lot safer to work with than....well, my FORMER publisher. Ahem.

Hot Shot deserves to be read by others.

I'm with you, on this surgery day.


KATZ said...

Hugs and prayers for the surgery and the family waiting!

I love my current ms, and even though it needs work and revision, I feel like this could be "the one." :)

Kelly Boyce said...

I have a big love on for the series I'm working on now. I feel it's going to be the one that breaks me through (power of positive thinking right?). But the one I completed before it, The Outlaw Bride, I would LOVE to see that one in print. I just love those to crazy characters to pieces.

Candy Calvert said...

Hugs and prayers for your brother, you, and your family, Miss Mary.

My Merritt winner, CRUISE CONTROL, is still gathering dust in my agent's office. I worked harder on it than any other manuscript--and spent nearly 2,000 dollars working with a freelance editor to make it "perfect." It's a darned good book, but it's time hasn't come yet.

Which reminds me to remind YOU, that sometimes you can have a great story, but it takes time for the planets to line up. I don't know if you knew that my first published work, DRESSED TO KEEL, languished for over TWO YEARS before my agent could find it a home.

Your book will find its home, too. And, meanwhile, I can't wait to cheer you on in Dallas!


MJFredrick said...

Gina, I thought that might be the case for RAVEN. I can't wait to read it!!!!

Trish, I love love love Coven - it MUST sell!

Thanks, JoAnn. I have Hot Shot subbed to Superromance now, but if not....maybe....

Thanks, Sarah! I hope this is The One for you, too!!!!

Kelly, you're like me with Outlaw Bride - you've put so much into it! I hope it breaks through, too!

Thanks, thanks and more thanks, Candy! Hope I see you in Dallas!


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