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No, not these guys.

Two men made my day yesterday.

The first is this guy:

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This is Michael Hauge. If you were at National the past two years, you might have noticed him. He's a screenplay consultant and he gave a workshop called "From Identity to Essence" in Atlanta that really helped me with my characters in BD. Yesterday I listened to his 2007 workshop "Uniting Plot Structure" and it was as if someone had turned the camera lens and my story came into sharp focus. I don't think it was something PARTICULAR he said, but suddenly I knew what my conflict had to be. Of course, this is going to cause me OTHER problems, because I had Noah as significantly older than Ellie, and now they need to be closer in age, which causes problems with her and her recently ended relationship, but hopefully I can figure that out. Anyway, wow, what a workshop.

The second is this guy:

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This is Healing Brother before he needed to be healed. (Yes, I'm too lazy to go to iPhoto and get a real picture.) He's down about 50 pounds. I've been calling him for a few weeks and we've just not hooked up. He called during my SARA meeting, so I called him yesterday during lunch, and he called back last night during The Office.

We talked for an hour and a half.

Anyway, he asked what was new and I told him about my contract. I told him that this didn't make me rich, but he blew that off. "What does THAT matter, Sis? How many people can say they've written a book and gotten in PUBLISHED?"


I think maybe we hang around other writers so much, we DON'T see it as a big deal, or as big of a deal, maybe? We know people who have dozens of books on shelves, and maybe if we've even seen their journey, we take for granted that will be the end result, a book on a shelf.

Civilians see it for the wonder it is.

So while only writers understand another writer's struggle, maybe only civilians understand a writer's success?

How great was Supernatural last night? I got a little nitpicky about plot problems, but I thought the story and acting was just great!

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Kelly Boyce said...

I like your brother's attitude - I think he's got it right. It is a big deal so enjoy!!

And I'll check out that session on the RWA conference CDs. I started listening to them last week when I couldn't watch TV or read for a few days!

Gina Black said...

>>So while only writers understand another writer's struggle, maybe only civilians understand a writer's success?<<

That is BRILLIANT. I'm going to have to remember that.

Michael Hauge presented his workshop on writing the romantic comedy to my RWA chapter and it was *wonderful*. I got the DVD to share with my DD (since she's writing a book) and we haven't watched it together yet. This just reminded me about that. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Mar...I've been saying things like this to you for years. :)

J <---who knows your upcoming book is a DEFINITE BIG DEAL!

Marianne Arkins said...

Good for Healing Brother!!! And yes, I agree with Gina -- that is one GREAT quote. I may have to use it on my blog. *G*

Fact is, few writers get rich off their books. That's not why you're writing. Just wait until you hold that book in your hands. You won't care about your royalty statment.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo healing brother! He's absolutely right. Congrats again Mary and YAY on figuring out the conflict.

Trish Milburn said...

Three cheers for Healing Brother. :)

And Supernatural was awesome last night. I laughed out loud several times.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Kelly! I've got all the workshops on my iPod. I'm actually almost finished. Then I'll go to the bajillion Supernatural podcasts I have ;)

Gina, thanks! I just adore MH - he was humorous and thought provoking.

Thanks, J, Marianne, Mary Beth and Trish!


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