Pronoun Diet and TV

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Yesterday at lunch one of our teachers said she was too tired to eat. That NEVER happens to me. Then we found out all the microwaves and the Coke machine weren't working because the grade level before had used all 3 microwaves at the same time and blew a fuse. (This never happened when we had micros in the classroom!) So the tired teacher, another teacher and myself (all named Mary, BTW) decided to run to Church's Chicken. Mmmm, MUCH better than a ham on wheat.

I came home to more revisions. Could be worse. I have to put my ms on a pronoun diet. That is SO much harder than it sounds. I highlighted all the pronouns in the book, and WOW. I never knew they were bad, though. This is a new one for me.

My Name Is Earl used an interesting device yesterday. Early in the program, it showed one of the characters falling in love, talking about how he didn't believe in hell, what he believed the afterlife was. It was meant to show how important this girl was to him. Later in the show, they showed a longer version. The beginning of the scene - the girl asked if he thought they'd go to hell for stealing - and the end - the two of them robbing a liquor store. So yes, while she was important to him enough for him to share those thoughts with her, he was also kind of using her.

I got ANOTHER phone call during The Office. Gah. But I loved the song Darrell wrote "People Person Paper People." And their commercial was cute.

Supernatural was okay....kind of a bridge episode, I guess. Interesting how Dean's point of view is changing. BUT if Sam was supposed to lead them (what kind of chain of command is that, anyway?) why did we have all the Psy Kids??

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Kelly Boyce said...

I need to put my ms on an 'as' diet. I highlighted that word once and nearly had a heart attack.

Trish Milburn said...

I'm curious where Supernatural is going too. It seems like they're showing the boys more and more than things aren't black and white, all good and all bad. I'm really curious about the demon chick who is helping them. Is she doing it to become head-honcho demon, or is something else going on?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

A pronoun diet? What the heck is wrong with pronouns? What do you use instead?

RE: Sam/Supernatural...Azazel (aka Yellow Eyes) was using the psy kids in a kind of elimination contest to see who was the best. Sam was his favorite, but Jake won. He would have then led all the escaped demons. But then Sam wasn't dead, and he killed Jake, so HE would have led all the escaped demons. Except then Azazel/YED was killed, and Sam wouldn't play, so there's no real leader.

The only part I don't get is why Azazel didn't just lead the escaped demons, but I figure it was like he was the General and Sam would be the Major in the field.

I liked the episode, even though it didn't quite feel like the same show in some weird way.

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Kelly! "That" is another one of mine ;)

I'm really loving this Supernatural season. I guess I wonder about the Psy Kids because I heard that Kripke was bored with them and that's why he had the elimination contest. I mean, why couldn't they all have been majors? Not enough demons?


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