Too Goal Oriented?

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Today I'm blogging at The Romance Studio about filling the well. At least go over and take a look at the fabric I fell in love with at JoAnn's yesterday.

I'm wondering if I've become too goal-oriented lately. I finished the Texas revisions ahead of schedule, because when I finished my other goals for the day, I went back to work on it. Then, did I rest those days? Nope, I started revising Queen of the Night. And since I'm finishing my 2 pages a day on the paranormal (which is completely kicking my butt. I know what my characters have to do to end the haunting, but I don't know how they figure it out. BLARGH!), I'm writing a couple of hundred words on my short story, which I want done by the end of the month. So, yes, working on 3 projects at a time.

Oh, and now itching to sew.

And keeping house.

I should probably build in a couple of days off, but I don't think I'd use them!

The ds was ready to quit yesterday AM when he walked in at 7 AM. We'll see how he feels this AM. He's hoping to be off tonight so he and the gf can go out before she heads out of town.

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Marianne Arkins said...

I wouldn't know what to do if I had nothing to do... I always fill my time with something. What do you do when you have nothing to do?

Relaxing makes me nervous. Or bored.

So, no I don't think you can be too goal oriented. But that's just me! LOL...


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