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Today Golden Heart and Rita (imagine trademark signs there because I don't know how to do 'em and am too rushed to look it up) calls go out today. Good luck to all who entered!

I was remembering previous years, and getting the Call.

In 2003, the calls went out early. I'd just told the dh that I'd probably be feeling down the next week because the Golden Heart calls would be going out. Not an hour later, the phone rang. I didn't hear anything after "Hot Shot is a Golden Heart finalist." She talked and talked and talked and all I could think about was getting off the phone to call my critique partner Elizabeth. HER first words were, "Your career is made." I remember sending out emails, getting congratulations and phone calls, and joining the Wet Noodle Posse that day. Also, making reservations for NYC because I hadn't planned to go. So glad I did!

In 2004, I'd left my work number on the entry form because I didn't yet have a cell phone. I told the secretary that I might be getting a phone call, and if I did, to please let me know over the intercom and I'd come take it. I even had contingency plans for leaving my class. Sure enough, around 8:30, she called me over the intercom but didn't tell me to come to the phone. I don't remember exactly what the confusion was, but she told them to call back at lunch, which was 11. Never was there a longer morning. Back then, I was music teacher, and between classes, I'd go lament to eHarlequin, because I didn't have email access, but I could get through with them. I saw so many people getting the call, and spent interminable hours wondering if that call was MY call. At 11, I went to sit in the office, and at about 11:20, I got the call that Hot Shot had finalled again.

In 2005 I entered Beneath the Surface, but didn't final. That was a long day, too, of checking email and the official list.

In 2006, I was standing in my 3rd grade classroom, and I think we'd just come back from breakfast when my cell rang. The board member had called the house first, and the dh had given her my cell, so he knew before I did that Don't Look Back (coming out this September, LOL!) was a finalist before I did.

In 2007 I entered Beneath the Surface again, with a shortened beginning. That year the calls went out on Sunday, and since Trish was on the board, she let me know they wouldn't start until noon. Whew. Long morning. I decided to restain the bench on my front porch. We went to Lowe's for the supplies and I got started right away, unable to keep still. RIGHT at noon--the church bells down the street were still ringing--Trish called me. She was my board member, see? She knew all night that I'd finalled and didn't say a word!

I hope someone out there has a similar experience to share today!!!!



Marianne Arkins said...

Either I'm going blind or the type on your blog is getting smaller... lol... I had to increase the size to read it!

And I love hearing your stories. I never entered either contest, so don't know how it feels -- but could really imagine it!!

MJFredrick said...

Oops! I need to remember to set it to "normal." I've entered every year since 2003 except 2008 and 2009. I was ineligible both years and felt left out!


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