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Wow, Lost and Supernatural continued to be awesome!!! I was shocked by the end of Supernatural. And as always, in Lost, I love the Kate and Sawyer scenes.

Now that the strike is over (yes I am that far behind) I'm wondering when my shows will start up again.

24 won't be back till 2009.

BSG (technically the dh's show) will return April 4.

Bones will be back April 14. (new night, BTW)

Burn Notice will return in July.

FNL is not making any new shows and may be cancelled!!!! WAH!!!

Grey's Anatomy will be back April 24.

Heroes won't be back till fall.

Jericho will just finish up what it had, which was 6 episodes, so that leaves 4, yes?

Lost has a couple more, then will resume April 24.

Men in Trees will start next week (YAY!) with 11 new episodes.

Moonlight will resume on April 11.

My Name is Earl will resume on April 3.

The Office will return on April 10.

Supernatural will return April 24.

If I didn't include any of your shows, you can look here: TV Guide

We also watched Michael Clayton last night. GC is soooo Gabe from Hot Shot. Anyway, the last scene is shot at the hotel where we had the 2003 conference! I recognized the chandelier.

My Microsoft Word is doing a weird formatting thing. It's showing arrows for tabs and p for paragraphs and I don't know what I did and how to turn it off!

The boy is heading for his first out of town trip tonight. I won't even see him today!

Cindi and her husband and another 5th grade teacher took the day off....lucky!

I am caught up on Vanished, but haven't written a lick on my Wayback story this week. And I'm reading through my small town story looking for a magic moment for the Merritt, since the deadline has been extended.


The Deadline for the 2008 Magic Moment Contest, Sponsored by The San Antonio Romance Authors, Has Been Extended!!

Entries and payment must now be received no later than 12pm CST, March 15, 2008.

This gives you 3 more weeks to get that magic moment scene from your manuscript in the best shape possible.

What is a Magic Moment, you ask?

The pivotal, breakthrough scene from your manuscript. Your favorite scene between the hero and the heroine. The point in your manuscript when you feel it gets really good. You decide!

And you want it to be really good for this Top-Notch, Final Judge Line-up:

. Short/Long Contemporary - Susan Litman, Editor, Harlequin
. Single Title - Allison Brandau, Editorial Assistant, Berkley Publishing Group
. Paranormal - Hilary Sares, Editor, Kensington Books
. Historical - May Chen, Editor, Avon
. Erotica - Raelene Gorlinski, Editor-in-Chief, Ellora's Cave

Entry format:

Entries will be in electronic format and should be no more than 20 pages in length; entries should also include a 1-2 page set-up to explain the context of the scene.


Entrants may be published or unpublished, but manuscript cannot be contracted for publication at the time of entry.

Entry Fees:

$20 per entry for San Antonio Romance Authors members; $25 for nonmembers.

Entry Deadline:

All entries and payments must be received by March 15, 2008, 12pm CST.


Three published and/or trained unpublished authors. All contestants will receive a score sheet from each judge. In addition, judges are encouraged to write comments on the manuscript.


Finalists will be notified by April 19, 2008. All finalists will receive a certificate and be listed in the RWR. Winners for each category will receive a plaque and a year's electronic subscription to The Love Letter, the San Antonio Romance Authors newsletter.

Questions and Entry Information: Please visit our website at or contact the Contest Chairs, Beckie Ugolini and Margaret Batschelet, at



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YOu've been tagged.




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