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I thought this picture appropriate after last night's LOST, which was awesome.

First of all, go HERE and see Elisabeth's BIG NEWS!!!!!!

I thought the big news yesterday would be that one of the two sidewalks at my school, that they've been working on since JULY, was open. (One of the lights is already out.) Alas, the big scary news is that we thought Cindi was having a heart attack and so her dh Robert (who also teaches there) had to take her to the ER. She has been having numbness in her fingers, but yesterday they were numb AND discolored. They were WHITE, and her palms were normal. Also, her feet were mottled white and red. AND she couldn't lift her left arm higher than her shoulder. I told her to go to the nurse NOW, that I'd get her kids and get ready for a sub (which I did in 5 minutes, thanks to years of preparation ;) ) She started crying. Cindi NEVER CRIES. I was so scared then, but later she told me that she was so scared because Robert, who is never worried, was worried, and I, who never take charge, was taking charge.

They called about 11 to say the drs had run tests and ruled out a heart attack or stroke, but there's a long list of what it could be. Still, when I talked to her in the afternoon, she sounded wrung out. She should be at school today, but dang, she scared us.

And of course she didn't want anyone to know and everyone knows. (Hey, it wasn't ALL my fault!)

In lesser disappointing news, the boy was supposed to get his senior ring yesterday. He got to school early, picked it up, didn't look at it till he went to class, then had to go back.

It had an ROTC emblem on it instead of a journalism emblem.

Imagine my hippie son in his concert shirt, long hair and Obama button being in ROTC. Apparently I put the wrong code, so they'll fix it but we won't get it for 3-6 weeks.

Stef came to town last night on her way to Houston, so she, Trish and I went out to dinner and laughed and talked and ATE. It was good to see her! Trish leaves today :(

I may not QUITE be ready to give up on my Wayback....



Toni Anderson said...

I'm sorry about you're scare with Cindi, I hope she's better soon :(

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Poor Cindi! I hope it's nothing serious. I was writing articles about diabetes today. Possibly that? Spinal impingement comes to mind, too.

BUT...it could be nothing serious. A few years ago I had a migraine that included tingling all down my left side from the top of my scalp to the sole of my foot--the ENTIRE left side of my body. I had several migraines in a short (for me) time period, with vomiting and cluster headaches but no fever or respiratory symptoms. The ER doc blamed the flu, and that was apparently what it was. And I'm fine.

I'll pray it's the same for Cindi.

Trish Milburn said...

I had a great time visiting. It went by so fast!

Hope Cindi finds out soon what it is and that it's easily treated.


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