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My back hurt yesterday, all morning. Stress, I'm sure. So, long day. I prepared for a sub, had centers so I could stay in my (uncomfortable, hard) chair with the heating pad I borrowed from the nurse. The kids were rowdy because it was picture day and anything different....

At lunch, the other teachers were talking about the market and how now our 401Ks are empty and I panicked and called the dh, who assured me it was okay. I just couldn't wait for the day to be over.

I stopped at Bath and Body on my way home to get their Halloween soap because I had a coupon ;) I picked up the boy, made pizza for dinner and apparently I DIDN'T get mozzarella and there wasn't enough dough from the packaged mix, so I put colby jack on it and it was a giant quesadilla, and not enough food. I really need to start REALLY cooking again. I can make dough, just not with the time limits I have when I go pick up the boy.

But the day ended on a good note - I had my Halloween soaps, which I LOVE. Supernatural was AWESOME!!! I got emails saying the full mss requested on Monday and sent on Tuesday are out for review with readers. AND the dh got my laptop to come on, though it went off again when it was jostled. He thinks it may be a loose connection somewhere. So good, not TOO expensive, hopefully.




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