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I have a sick kitty. My oldest, Dukey, who's almost 9, has lost weight this week and last night when I picked her up, her fur felt greasy. She ate a little canned food this AM, but I don't know what's wrong. Thinking of taking the day off and taking her to the vet.

I was sooo mad at Grey's last night. I knew JDM would have a tiny part, but ONE LINE? One LINE? And I skipped Tivoing Supernatural because of it??

Here's all the ways (okay, some of the ways) I would have written it differently:

He would have KISSED her. I mean, really, they never REALLY kissed.

When she stepped out of the elevator, her dress would have changed to a wedding dress.

They would have walked somewhere other than the white light.

I would have had her dream about their "happily ever after" - show the two of them doing something she'd always dreamed they'd do when he got out of the hospital - go to dinner, make dinner together, curl up together on the couch or in bed. Heck, she was watching Alex seduce some girl. She could have imagined herself in Denny's arms.

Otherwise the episode was okay. I LOVED the Cristina dream. LOVED IT. Liked the Army surgeon guy. Thought the icicle was a bit much, and Rose's "joke" was stupid, played for shock. Liked nice Alex, hated that he reverted. Like the idea that they aren't as great as they think they are (how could they be with all the personal stuff going on?) I really like Lexie now. I forgot she didn't know about Meredith and George.

Supernatural, OTOH, was fantastic, if a little bloody. It was great seeing Meg and Hendrickson again, and I wanted to know more about the twins. Love where this is all leading. I'm a little leery of Dean's disbelief of God, but maybe because I've never met someone who just didn't believe. Like Sam said in Houses of the Holy, if there's evil, there has to be good, right?



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I know people who don't believe in God at all. Right up there at the top for why is the reason Dean doesn't. And it's not like these people are any different from the people who do believe, generally speaking.

I'm loving the mythology of it and how they are pulling off making it concrete and not religious. Hands down, best season so far!

Toni Anderson said...

Hope the kitty is better :(

MJFredrick said...

Natalie, I agree - best season so far! I do wish I'd Tivoed it to watch again :(

Thanks, Toni. Giving her the pills wasn't too bad today, but tomorrow may be a different story!


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