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I’ve been to 6 bookstores to get them to carry my book-3 Borders and 3 Barnes and Nobles. The story is different at every one.

First Borders: I had to go twice because the first time no manager was there. When I returned, the guy was very nice, took my card with the info and mentioned if I wanted to have a booksigning, he could arrange it. He gave me his card. I’m still thinking about it.

Second Borders: The manager told me she couldn’t order the books at the local level and gave me the number to their corporate headquarters.

Third Borders: The kids at the help desk congratulated me. The manager took my card and said he’d take care of it, and he was thinking about getting a booksigning together.

So, different stories at each.

First Barnes and Noble: This is the one where the manager was discouraging until she recognized my name. After that, she talked about a booksigning, but that she needed each author to bring in 50 people. Dang.

Second Barnes and Noble: A few clicks from the manager and she ordered a couple of copies, told me they’d be in in a week. I should come find her and she’d give me some local author stickers to put on them. Less than 5 minutes and my book is ordered.

Third Barnes and Noble: The location is relocating, so not ordering books right now.

I’m wondering at the difference in reception at each place. Anyone know the real story? Are the 2 Borders guys just being nice, then tossing my info? Or is the woman at the second Borders right?

I’m going to start carrying my camera, though, in case I see my book on the shelf. That’s another first I’m looking forward to.

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The Writivators said...

Marianne sent me over to see your post this morning... your LOL cat picture made me laugh out loud. If you go see my "Grammar Tidbit Tuesday"'ll see why.

Good luck with getting the books in the stores and I hope you do the booksignings. That would be so awesome.


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