Goals for the First Week Back to School

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The wedding yesterday was, well, memorable. We got to the church, dressed in our finery (the first dress I’d worn since the funeral in June) and there was NO AIR CONDITIONING. The church was packed, and all they had were wimpy ceiling fans. Apparently the AC had gone out that day.

Now remember. I’m in Texas. It’s August. We’ve had record heat this summer.

It was a Catholic wedding.

I felt even more sorry for the wedding party, though. Can you imagine, the tuxes and fitted dresses? Ugh.

The reception made up for it, though--freezing!!! I didn’t complain ;) And I even got dh to dance with me.

I’m glad we had the wedding just before going back--it was fun seeing everyone again!

So this week:

Get classroom ready/get back into school mindset (talking to people every day will be the first hurdle.)
blog at SPN Sisters
7000 words on RS
Get Dad’s present. His bday is Tuesday and he lives in MN. Yeah, gonna be late. He’s tough to buy for, though!
Grocery store
work on blue dress
Exercise/keep up house

Just remembered a dream I had, that Nora Roberts was at my school while we were having a book fair. I gushed to her about how much I enjoyed Black Hills, and she asked me about the books I had at the bookfair. One was In the Hunt, the collection of Supernatural essays, and another was a thin little kids' book with short stories about Supernatural. So I was trying to convince her she'd love the show.

Weird I dreamed about SPN, when I've watched a season and a half of Battlestar Galactica in 4 days.




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