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Last weekend I dreamed that another teacher and I didn't go back to work after lunch and we didn't bother to call. Night before last, I had a dream with a plot--a guy who ran a drug distribution plant (or whatever. It was the middle of the jungle) decided to go on the straight and narrow, only his boss wouldn't let him and I rescued him from being blown up in a car bomb. After that I dreamed I didn't sell one book at my booksigning.

This morning (after the dog woke me at 2:30 to go out. Bad dog!) I dreamed that we were working on my MIL's house before work and I lost track of time. I tried to call in but my phone was like one of those puzzle games where you have to shake the little silver ball to put it in a hole, only each hole was a number. (In my dream, I wondered how I would ever dial 911 if I needed to.) I finally borrowed someone's phone to call in, then tried to leave but was caught by a neighbor. And then my clothes got ruined in a rainstorm, and I finally got to school at 10. Whew!

I wish my dreams weren't so mean to me. I did sleep until the alarm but don't feel rested at all.

Have you had any weird dreams lately?



Kelly Boyce said...

Sounds like you need some sleep to recover from your dreams!

Karen said...

Actually it was a good dog, could have been the floor! Anyway, wow on all the dreams. I go through times of major dreams. During those times all I want to do is sleep and dream more. They are always fun and more interesting than my real life.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I dream like that, in waves, and it's awful, because I never feel like I slept. So you have my full empathy!


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