More Dreams, Fictionwise and Submitting

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Why my subconscious is taunting me, I don't know. Last night I dreamed I'd written a series. I saw the covers and everything. They were GORGEOUS. One was a deep apple green with a cowboy leaning against the wall, his head lowered so all you saw was his body and the top of his hat. Another was red with a cowboy hat in the bottom corner. They were contemporary westerns, about a gentleman rancher, and from what I could tell, they were more women's fiction than romance. The scenes were all from the heroine's POV--going out with her husband when her baby was an infant, waking up in a crummy apartment with her 6 year old child next to her, waking up to go to work and hearing her husband in the shower. There was a scene with her mother-in-law, too. It felt like all the stories were about her, like a saga, I guess.

Oh, and the hero was Will from GLEE. :-)

As I drifted back to sleep (this dream was pretty gloomy, actually), I wondered if I couldn't make it a secret baby book, but how I could pull off two women keeping a secret like this from the hero worries me.

I had another dream about an alien spaceship, too. Not as inspirational, but 2 step-cousins I haven't seen in years were in it.

Fictionwise is having a big sale. If you join their Buywise club for $30 for a year, you get the $30 back in rebates to apply to other books, an additional 15% off each book and a free book. I have to do it, right, especially since so many books I want are coming out the next few months?

And I finally have something winging its way to Harlequin again. I sent the whittled version of STTA to Harlequin American. I got it from 87,000 words to 61,000! I cut 3 subplots.

So now I have a week and a half until NaNo. I can play with the bodyguard story--other than the ending, I decided that one of my threats early on doesn't fit with the other threats. I need to change it somehow.



Jennifer Shirk said...

Whew! 20K is a lot of whittling! LOL!
I should join that Fictionwise club, too.

Marianne Arkins said...

I don't buy from Fictionwise because the totally rip-off the publisher & author on royalties. I know my few dollars may not make a huge difference, but I try to buy from the publisher whenever I can...

And, yeah WOW editing out 20k is huge. GOOD LUCK with the submission!!

MJFredrick said...

Yeah, it was a huge cut!

Marianne, I buy NY pubbed books from Fictionwise for that reason. E-royalties aren't where those authors make the bulk of their money, so I don't feel bad. And it's better than getting books from, say, Paperback Swap, which I've done.


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