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Last night I stressed out while reading a book.

This is not good.

See, I started thinking, "Well, I need to finish this book so I can read the next one because I have a couple hundred paperback novels and now a couple dozen e-books and how will I ever finish them all?"

And this is on top of the I've-gotta-do-this-paperwork-and-finish-smoothing-out-the-bodyguard-story-and-come-up-with-a-title-so-I-can-write-a-query-letter-and-have-something-else-out-there-and-get-it-all-done-before-Nano (not to mention I want to write a short story and do a major overhaul on STTA.

Even TV is I've-got-to-watch-this-so-I-can-delete-to-make-room-for-this. (And do we choose Jim and Pam's wedding over Grey's Anatomy this week? I think we do.)

I break the goals down into smaller bits but am already behind for the week. I don't know why yesterday's inservice wore me out. Stress of passing the test at the end, I guess.

I know my fear with the writing is to take advantage of opportunities NOW. I'm scared to lose momentum and I don't have another book under contract and it makes me nervous. There's going to be quite a gap if I don't get something else sent in and contracted. But I also don't want to send in garbage, and I'm having trouble bringing all the strings together in the bodyguard story.

What do you do to relieve the stress? Walking away from the computer makes me more anxious because I should be working.




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