Back to *cough* Work

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I'm going back today. Field trip. Joy.

I had a burger, some fries and a taco yesterday. Am a little hungrier today.

Found out we won't get our rebate check till June because through Turbo Tax, you don't have direct deposit so much as a refund anticipation loan. So we'll get a paper check mid-June. Sigh.

Got my first royalty check,'s made to my pen name. I don't have any id in my pen name!

Decided not to enter PASIC. Too much work. Did write my synopsis, though - yay.

I'm blogging at Allie Boniface’s blog today. Come say hey!



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Well, that's weird. We did direct deposit through Turbo Tax and got our relief payment in our account last Thursday. But our tax refund was directly from the IRS, so maybe we did it a different way than you did. I'm sorry you have to wait!

Yay on royalties! Again, weird that they'd make it out to your pen name. *scratches head* Talk to your bank about putting a DBA on your account and see what's required for that.

And finish getting better!

MJFredrick said...

Natalie, we used the Santa Barbara bank thing. I don't know why some people were able to do it differently - one of the ladies in my grade level did the same as you and got hers back already.

The bank cashed my check, so no problem there, thank goodness.


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