It's Thursday Again

humorous pictures

Anyone else remember Kids in the Hall? That's what that picture reminds me of.

New TV again tonight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will guest star on Supernatural. Why it can't be the whole him instead of just his voice....

I was less than impressed with last week's Grey's, so Shonda has some work to do to bring me back.

I watched the old live version of ER yesterday and wow, was that show good. I stopped watching when Carter left, but that show had punch.

So no one else watches NCIS? The teachers in my unit do.

Speaking of school - TAKS IS OVER!!! We have to stay quiet today because 5th grade is testing, but we're done! WOOT! Real teaching can take place...I'm thinking handwriting and spelling and centers....



Marianne Arkins said...

I must have missed the NCIS post... because it's the ONLY show I do watch, LOL!!!

I LOVE that show. What an amazing ensemble they have. I think that storylines are okay, but I really watch it because of the interactions between the characters.

L M Gonzalez said...

I'm glad Gray's Anatomy is back. What I didn't like is Izzie running all those unnecessary tests on that patient looking for a medical mystery. What is so sad and scary about that is that you know that kind of thing really does go on and not because of a contest. Man!

She even did a spinal tap on him which is no laughing matter. I think the chief should have gotten angry with her and makes me think she's not fit to be a doctor.

On the other hand I see some hope for Meredith.


PS I liked 27 Dresses too. Good romantic comedy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on TAKS being over! I haven't tried NCIS yet - lately I fell in love with CSI Miami and watched back to back episodes, I must confess, some of them even twice!

MJFredrick said...

I'm having NCIS withdrawal. For a few weeks, USA ran marathons, so I had a ton of episodes I hadn't seen. I caught up last weekend and haven't seen an episode since Tuesday! I love Gibbs.

Grey's was MUCH better this week. I agree, Lupe, Izzie was making me mad. But since she didn't suffer many consequences for cutting Denny's LVAD, well, the chief isn't going to get mad at her for costing someone money.

You're right, though. When I had surgery a couple of years ago, the gyn sent me to a hematologist, which was a fortune and 10 vials of blood, just to make sure I wasn't hemophiliac. Yikes!

OLGA! How have you been??? I confess, I love the blonde girl on CSI Miami, but cannot stand David Caruso.


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