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First of all, I got another gushing review for Hot Shot: Hot Shot Review

I'm caught up on my BD goal but not STTA. I know what I want to write next, but it's just not coming out well.

Okay, so I'm listening to High Noon on my iPod and reading The Hollow, both Nora books. I have to say High Noon is AWESOME, one of her best stand-alones in a long time. There was this one scene...I couldn't believe she did what she did. I was in awe. BUT I've also been able to predict when some bad stuff is going to happen when she starts a scene in the POV of a person whose POV she hasn't used before. Big fat clue. I don't know if I pick up on it because I write, but immediately I knew that couldn't end well.

And then ending, well, it seems a bit of a coincidence, but I'm not done yet.

As for The Hollow, I LOVED Blood Brothers. LOVED it. As soon as I got The Hollow, I started reading it. But I'm having kind of the same issue with it that I had with the Morrigan's Cross trilogy. You've got 3 men and 3 women working together, 2 couples have already hooked up and you know that last guy and gal are thinking, "Uh-oh," or, "That's what's left?" I dunno. Fox is pretty beta, though he's got some dark spots in his past. And Layla's a waif, for want of a better word. Not my favorite combination. Still, I'm about 80 pages from the end.

What have you been reading lately? Or picking apart?




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