Four Day Weekend!

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The dh is off today, too. Poor guy never gets off. Monday, though, I have the place to myself. BWAHAHAHA!!!

Finished my edits on the short story and sent them back. Today, after breakfast, a trip to the grocery store and maybe Home Depot, it's all Texas story all day. The partial is 66 pages and I'm on page 16 or something. Well, I have to read something for critique, but then....

We had a faculty meeting after school yesterday, and #5 on the agenda was grade level assignments. The principal told us someone in each grade level, 1st through 4th, had complained about others in the grade level and so she had us all put our names in a basket and she said she was just going to randomly assign us a grade level. The campus was in an uproar. Who had complained? Why? Was it something I did? I was a little concerned because I haven't been eating with my grade level because I've been working on my workshop during lunch. She asked what her options were, what was she supposed to do, and everyone was too flummoxed to answer. We went onto the next item of the agenda, which was that we were having a fire drill next week and the fire dept. was coming out to see how we ran our fire drills, so the VP had us line up to go outside where our classes lined up. On the way, the young 4th grade teacher kept saying, "I SWEAR it wasn't me. I SWEAR," about being the one who complained.

When we got outside, there were Easter eggs all over the field! It was an Easter egg hunt for the TEACHERS. Inside most were candy, but some had slips of paper giving us early outs or extra time at lunch or Jean Day. I got chocolate but none of the cool prizes :( One teacher got at least 8 and another got 6! I was looking in the WRONG place. Still, pretty funny...she'd been joking about the grade level assignments because people were starting rumors about the purpose of the meeting, so she wanted to do something crazy. That was indeed crazy :)

Yesterday I stopped following 75 blogs. Not a typo. I still have over 300 posts stacked up in my reader, but wow. That was nice. And I stopped following about 10 people on Twitter.

I also only had three Diet Cokes all day. I came home and made flavored water and drank four glasses, which is why I'm up so early on my day off. Talk about an alarm clock.

And yesterday I forgot to mention the up part of my roller coaster day....a best selling author at Samhain asked me to be part of a paranormal anthology with her! Best part is, I think I can rework my ghost hunter book to fit! I'm very honored. We've pitched the idea to our editor, who liked it but isn't sure how to go about an anthology. So, cool!

THEN, tomorrow I have critique and a wedding. Sunday is supposed to be stormy and we're having Easter at my mom's in the country. Eek! What are you doing this weekend?



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

So funny about the meeting/egg hunt! :)

Congrats on the anthology invite!

MJFredrick said...

Yeah, the egg hunt was pretty funny. Wish I'd won a chance to wear jeans, though. I'd so wear them today.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I thought of you last Wednesday when I was working the school book fair and several of the teachers walking by wore jeans. :) I don't know if they always can, or if they could because it was the last day before break.

MJFredrick said...

We get to wear jeans every Friday, and testing days, and sometimes when the Spurs are in the playoffs. My SIL said she sells jean days, 4 a month, $1 a day. I'd be all over that! So nice to be comfy.

I like my pretty clothes, too, though.


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