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EDITED TO ADD: My son is in a district wide competition for video. The winner will be shown on the local PBS stations. If you're so inclined, please vote for Change Is Coming

Also, happy birthday, JDM!


So I'm plotting another short story because revisions are getting to me. I'm meeting my daily goal, don't get me wrong, but it's stressful, so I unwind by brainstorming.

Now. I have a contemporary AND a romantic suspense AND another short story already plotted, but then I got the idea for this one. And I need some instant gratification.

Thing is, I don't know who to model my hero after. This never happens to me. I thought maybe


because, dang, he's pretty, and I want this guy to be pretty. But he's also fairly young and the conflict in this story is going to be about control, and while I think he'd be fine for that, he's still young.

I thought about


because he has the swagger and the build I want, but he's not pretty enough and I'm a little tired of him.

I also thought about


but I only like him when he's scruffy, and the setting is a wedding.

I'm already using


in my RS and I'm using


for the other short story and the contemporary.

So...any ideas for me?


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with scruffy at a wedding, esp. if that's just the way he is. Is that Sawyer?? Damn, he's hot.

My new love is Nathan Fillion, from Castle. Try him. He's oh-so-naughty and cleans up well, and has Gerry's build.

Rob Lowe always works for me, too.

Good luck!

The Wilder Trish

Mary Curry said...

Totally loving Nathan Fillion too! I'd have a problem using him as a model though because his CASTLE dialogue would be too fresh in my mind for me to be original.

I googled handsome men and came up with this one. Hope it wors. Isn't that a young Clooney? Day-um he looks good.

Stacy said...

Hmm, how about Clive Owen? Or Hugh Jackman? Body type, age, and control, but maybe a bit more than pretty.


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