A Roller Coaster Day

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Yesterday I came home to an envelope in the mail with an unfamiliar return address. I opened it to find an invitation to a baby shower. A friend from high school's DAUGHTER is having a baby. A friend who is 3 months YOUNGER than me is going to be a grandmother. Now, this girl moved out on her own right after graduation, married shortly thereafter, had a baby before she was 20. I remember wondering what she had to look forward to. And now, she's going to be a grandmother at 42! Now, my mom was a grandmother at 44, but she'd had me when she was 18. I didn't have the ds till I was 25. I threatened the ds that I am nowhere near ready to be a grandmother. No. Where. Near.

To recover from this shock, I went out to putter in the backyard. Time for a redesign, I think. Time to take advantage of the fact that I have no grass in half my yard. Will play more with this idea.

Also started wondering if I should have a birthday party for myself next weekend. Thing is, it would require cleaning and shopping and I have 2 sets of contracted edits to do, as well as prepare for the workshop next weekend and three critiques and polishing up the Texas book to submit.

I switched from Blockbuster back to Netflix. Looks like I may have the same problem with new releases there, but hey, it's $3 cheaper.

Today: start edits on short story, do 2 critiques, and 10 pages of polishing in Texas story.

And the word of the day is: GUH!

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Trish Milburn said...

My, that boy sure is pretty. :) Guh indeed.


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