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Even if you follow Grey's peripherally, you have to agree that this proposal was dead-on. 4 seasons of the courtship dance, much of it in an elevator, an intern and an attending, both needing to grow before they could find happiness. This one scene shows that growth, shows the history of the romance and why they're in the place they need to be for their HEA. I know, it's Grey's Anatomy and there's no guarantee of a happy ending, BUT for right now, I'm absolutely satisfied and kiss Shonda's feet for finding this perfect proposal.

I wish my pay-offs could be as satisfying. I guess the more the characters have to go through, the sweeter the pay-off. Thoughts? Can you think of another pay-off as satisfying?

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Kelly Boyce said...

I missed last week's episode of Greys. Argh! I set it to tape but hit AM instead of PM. DUH!!! I double checked this week to make sure I don't miss it though. Hopefully I can catch up without being too confused.


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