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I was listening to the Avatar soundtrack yesterday and this AM but I can't hear it unless it's cranked to like 50 (I love my Scion, she's almost paid off, but she doesn't mask road noise and she eats CDs, so I have to load stuff on my iPod, and well, it's not too loud.) So I said forget it and went back to the workshops. The one today was "You Get Me Where I Live: Why Your Manuscript's Missing Your Reader." I wasn't sure what it was about at first, the moderator just started reading the first couple of lines from different mss. The comments from the Harl/Sil editors on the panel were that the stories all started the same, with names. They said they see that all the time, that it doesn't matter because readers don't know the character yet. I assert that you have to do it, but what do I know?

Then they went on to longer, apparently pre-screened entries and read a little bit more. I was pleased to hear the first page of a manuscript I've recently judged, and rated high, was one that drew their interest. That made me feel like I kinda know what I'm doing.

I only got about halfway through on the way home, but it's an interesting workshop.

I didn't get through The Lightning Thief, but we did warn all the kids if they see it this weekend not to spoil it for us. I think I read about three chapters today aloud. My throat is scratchy now.

I've been home about 45 minutes. The house is SILENT. Lovely. Sun is out. LOVELY. This weekend I want to finish my short story (will be a close thing) and catch up on my editing. Monday's an inservice, then the rest of the week is busy. I entered Surface in More Than Magic, because I could enter electronically (YAY!) Next up...The Daphne and Hot Shot.



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Forgive me if you know this already, but a friend of mine just recently mentioned the same thing, and she didn't...

If you connect your iPod to the car radio (I do it through my cassette player; my husband through an AUX cable) and you can't get the radio's volume to turn high enough, turn up the volume on the iPod itself.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks (well, just Harry Potter :) ) on my iPod, and I find that cranking the iPod's volume way up and the radio's to just under halfway provides the best quality.

Also, if you're listening to spoken stuff, turn the bass down and the treble up on the radio. That makes a huge difference for me, too.

MJFredrick said...

I did not know that. Huh. Will put this to use when I get in the car again--thanks!

Mary Curry said...

Sounds like an interesting workshop. I meant to buy them on CD but forgot all about it. Grrrr on memory loss.

I have this coming week off and no one else in my house does so I'm hoping for lots of quiet reading time.

Mary Curry said...

Ooops - just saw what I wrote. I MEANT to say lots of quiet WRITING time. I hope that wasn't a Freudian slip.

Good luck with the contest entries. I haven't done one in ages. Maybe I need to get back in the circuit.

MJFredrick said...

Mary, I've been listening to them on the way to work almost all school year and I'm still on the first disc!

Why do you guys get a week now?

Mary Curry said...

We always get Presidents Week in February. My best recollection is it started (way back when I was in school)during some energy crisis as a way for the schools to save on the fuel bills.

MJFredrick said...

We get one week in the second semester, but we're out the first week of June. How late do y'all go?


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