Jewelry on Guys - Sexy or Not?

Okay, yes, it depends on the guy, but seeing a thin leather strip at the end of a muscular arm,

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maybe a thin chain or strip of leather around a guy's neck, one he might not take off for anything ;)

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a ring that apparently means so much to him that he bothers to put it on every day.

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I'm not a fan of the chunky bracelet, but I know there's a story behind it.

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What about you? Jewelry on your guy or no?

Have you been watching the Nora movies? Ironically, I hated Blue Smoke the book, but thought it was the best of the movies so far. I'm looking forward to Carolina Moon. Oliver Hudson is quite the dish!


Anonymous said...

Yes on small jewelry. A little bit goes a long way, though.
I didn't see Blue Smoke, but I loved the Montana story. DH caught the end and laughed at the death scene. :-)
Despite that cheesy moment, I liked the movie and I liked her cameo too.

Trish Milburn said...

I like the small, manly stuff like leather bracelets. Not much of a fan of earrings on guys.

I watched Blue Smoke and Montana Sky this weekend. Didn't see Angels Fall. Will watch Carolina Moon when it replays. It's on opposite stuff I watch.

Marianne Arkins said...

Mostly I don't like jewelry on guys... maybe very small jewelry -- but IMHO a wedding ring is the only ring he should wear.

I watched Blue Smoke last night. Hated it more than I hated the book -- thought the hero was wimpy and the heroine too homely to have given him that whole "time stopped" thing. They'd barely even met and then suddenly he's in her house cooking and they're all hot for each other and she's calling him her "boyfriend". Weird.

Watched Montana Sky. Hated it. They just couldn't include all the stuff from the book, and it made me feel like the movie was rushed and missing too much.

Decided NOT to even bother taping Carolina Moon (I liked this book)... Maybe when it replays (but not at the same time as Heroes... I have my priorities).

Wonder if I'm being too critical?

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Not too critical, Marianne. I caught Montana Sky. Hated the movie, loved the book. I agree, it felt rushed and they couldn't put eveyrthing in. I didn't like the casting either. Didn't watch Angels Fall because I haven't read the book yet and didn't want to ruin it. And I skipped Blue Smoke because I really disliked the book and I seriously dislike Heather Locklear (and isn't she too old for that character anyway???). I'd forgotten Carolina Moon was on tonight. I'll probably tape it. I liked that book. Hope the movie doesn't ruin it for me. :(

Oh, jewelry...yes. I like jewelry on guys. Agree with Mary Beth...a little goes a long way. That DH only wears a wedding ring. I've tried to get him to wear a necklace, but no go. *sigh*

MJFredrick said...

Yes, a little goes a long way.

Actually, Montana Sky was my least favorite of the movies so far, and I LOVED the book. The people at work tease me because I know the first line of that one, and of Carolina Moon.

And yes, she had a cameo in MS and BS. I didn't catch her in AF - anyone else?

Carolina Moon doesn't come on again till the first weekend in March.

YEs, Trish, small jewelry. SOME guys look good with earrings, but very few. I work in an area where BIG diamonds are status, and just ew.

Marianne, I will agree the casting of BS was questionable, and the romance moved too fast. But the mystery was good.

Elisabeth, I hated Blue Smoke the book but liked the movie.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I like jewelry on guys, but I agree it has to be the RIGHT jewelry on the RIGHT guy in the RIGHT way.

My absolute favorite was Johnny Depp wearing a plastic flowery bracelet at the Golden Globes the year he was nominated for all the awards for the first POTC. It was obvious Lily (his daughter) made it for him, and awesome that he wore it.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, Johnny! How could I write about jewelry and not include Johnny??? Must google that pic!


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