TV, Emily and The Contest

WOW, TV was good last night! Did you know Joss Whedon directed that episode of The Office? I LOVED the last scene!

Then Grey's!!!!! Wow, I didn't expect to see HIM!!! I admit to a girly squeal. The dh just rolled his eyes.

And then Supernatural!!!! I admit to being wary because I was looking forward to it so much, but I relaxed when I saw who wrote it. He only ever let me down with the clown episode.

Did you know you can get the Nora Roberts movies on iTunes?

I actually did go to school yesterday, since it's 3 days till testing. It was a better day. The principals came and delivered hot chocolate and a snack to the teachers as our Valentine. Then I came home and my Emily pin was here! It's so pretty!

Here's an interview with Mary Jo Putney. I used to read her books, now I have so many!

Okay, now, the contest. I've made personal ads for my heroes and heroines. You have to match which hero belongs with which heroine. (If nothing else, it could make for some interesting pairings!) You have until Sunday night. If more than one person gets them all right, I'll draw from those entries. The winner gets $10 to

(Trish M, Trish J, Linda, Deloris, Jo-Ann and Joanna are ineligible, sorry!)

DWM, 40, enjoys the outdoors and open spaces. Loves his job. Seeking a woman who could love the mountains and doesn’t mind hard work. Loyalty a must.

DWM, 36, former military, one son. Enjoys traveling to any foreign country but Africa. Seeking a woman who doesn’t mind scars, internal or external.

SWM, 30, executive. Enjoys fine things. Neat freak. Family extremely important. Seeking a woman with similar sentiments.

DWM, 35, loves diving and traveling. Great interest in antiquities. Any responders must love to swim, read, and theorize.

SWM, 32, career military. Enjoys all things home related. Hates the heat. Seeking a woman who likes to be taken care of and has high standards.

SHM, 26, firefighter. Not interested in long-term attachments. Any responders must accept female best friend and love large families.

SWM, 27, dairy farmer. Loves home and family. Enjoys carpentry and working with hands. Seeking a woman who loves small town life.

SWM, 28, on the road a lot. Enjoys reading, especially history and mythology. Good storyteller. Seeking a woman with an open mind who enjoys traveling.

SWF, 30, city girl. Enjoys gardening and family, most of the time. Seeking a man who will make her feel like a woman.

SWF, 30, insurance adjuster. Enjoys fashion and friendship. Believes life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Seeking a guy who feels the same.

WWF, 32, reporter, getting interested in life again. Enjoys her job, hates closed in spaces. Seeks a man who will come home to her every night.

SHF, 24, single mother, notorious bad taste in men. Been out of the country for awhile. Enjoys dancing and fashion. Dislikes the outdoors. Seeking a dependable man who won’t look down on her past.

SWF, 31, reporter, ambitious. Enjoys keeping up with current events, reading and art films. Doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Seeking a serious man to discuss thoughtful subjects.

DWF, 34, enjoys swimming and adventure as long as there’s a place to call home. Seeking a man who’s ready to settle down. Workaholics need not apply.

SWF, 34, doctor without borders. Enjoys helping people. Hates any kind of bondage. Seeking a man who’ll have her back in a tight spot.

SWF, 26, in advertising. Loves to laugh, sing. Not fond of sports. Wary of long term relationships. Any responders need to accept male best friend.

Man, I had them all in nice little boxes - it didn't translate from Word! Have fun!

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Jill Monroe said...

We've been saving up our Lost and The Office episodes on iTunes, and then play them in a marathon on a weekend, so I haven't seen the last two The Office yet. Can't wait to check out the Joss one.

Joanna K. Moore said...

Darn. Ineligible. Woulda won, too. :)


mary beth said...

Glad today was better, Mary. HUGS!


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