Longest. Week. Ever.

How can it ONLY be THURSDAY???

I didn't write yesterday - we went out to dinner, went to B&N and Office Max. Nothing exciting at either, but I had enough dinner to be able to bring it for lunch today.

I think my laser printer died. At least it waited till I printed out my Four Seasons entry ;)

I was reading my RWR about doors closing and windows opening and taking a chance on stretching your muscles and trying something else. So I was thinking about the turning points I've made in my "career."

I started out writing straight romance. Even my first book, though it had cop heroes, was more a "behind the scenes" of Law and Order. They'd have cases, but nothing carried through except the romance. I wrote...let me see...that one, Simple Life, my zoo story, two single dad stories, an NBA story, Pride's Fall (which was my ONLY sweet romance) and Where There's Smoke as straight romances. (I've got to be missing one in here....)

Then I tried my hand at RS. I wrote Devil in Disguise (my very first request, and I always forget about this story - a bad boy returning home), Second Chances (with the same characters as my first book, only with a plot this time), Vanished (never submitted or contested, still needs some work) and Heart of a Knight.

Then I got into the action/adventure bit. Hot Shot, Eden's Promise (a kind of post-apocolyptic thing I wrote for Bombshell), Surface, Don't Look Back, Spy Girl and Breaking Daylight.

Now I'm writing my first paranormal, and planning a second. I was tempted to write them before, when I watched Angel every day, but never followed through on it. The world building is a little daunting, even with the little bit I'm doing, because I have to create reasons for things happening, and keep them consistent. A bit like RS in that respect, I guess.

Of all that I've written, though, I think straight romance is the hardest for me. Without the other plot, it's hard for me to keep interest. I could go back to RS, I think, though my love is action/adventure.

What about you? What turns has your path taken?

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Trish Milburn said...

First was a historical, then a straight romance followed by two that were beginning to have elements of suspense, then two romantic suspense, then a straight ST romance, 2 more romantic suspense, another straight romance, then my first YA, a Bombshell-targeted ms, women's fiction, RS, YA, WF, 2 more YAs.

Michelle Rowen said...

I think you're trying to kill me with these pictures. Keep 'em coming!

MJFredrick said...

Not kill, Michelle, INSPIRE!!!!

DANG, you're prolific, Trish! I admire you for being able to write in more than one genre!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Trish boggles my mind! :)

I did:

4 category-style romances

2.5 paranormal adventure romances (ST)

2 more category-style romances

3 Bombshell attempts, one paranormal

converted 1 SBS attempt to ST

1 category-style to complete the trilogy published by AQP

2 paranormal adventure romances (ST)

1 adventure romance ST to be completed tomorrow

That doesn't include some partials (one non-paranormal SBS that I will rewrite as a paranormal ST, a fantasy proposal that won't go anywhere now) and all the short stories and novellas I've done, which run the gamut.

Like you, adventure romance is my True Love and was before Bombshell started. :)

MJFredrick said...

Wow, Natalie! Which was your Nano book? And WTG on finishing tomorrow!!!!


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