School Drama

Yesterday before lunch, three of my kids came over to tell me that two of my girls had poured hand sanitizer into baggies so they could sniff it. Y'all, I teach 4th grade. Both parents were called, one came in, the other didn't. The one who came in is coming back today because she was going to get the story from her daughter. Meanwhile, the counselor and principal got the story from me, and are going to call in my witnesses before the mom comes back. The instigator is the one who wrote one of the filthy notes last week.

How great is my principal, though? He comes in when I'm talking to the counselor and says, "Mary! What are you teaching these kids?" He was joking - at my old school, it would SO not be a joke.

I had a good time at SARA last night. They did actually ask me to be PRO liaison (why is that word so hard to spell?) but I said it would be too depressing. They understood, at least. The ladies cracked up because I got three phone calls (I NEVER get 3 calls in one day.) The first was my son, asking if I meant to Tivo Jericho or AI. All I said was, "Jericho," and "Bye" and Stacy cracked up because she thought I was speaking in code. Then one of my students called, TWICE. The first time I told him I was in a meeting and hung up, the second time he called to ask if I was watching AI because the girl from San Antonio was on. The ladies couldn't believe my kids would call about that. They've clearly not met my kids ;)

Grey's tonight!!! DENNY!!!!!

Supernatural is a rerun I've seen 50 times ;)

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Kelly Boyce said...

I've spent all week trying not to think about Grey's because it's driving me crazy! But I'm so happy Kyle Chandler and Denny are back, even if for a limited time only!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I have a feeling I'll be watching all the SPNs again between now and when it comes back. *sigh*



Um...I was gonna say something else...uh...

Nope. It's gone.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh! I remembered!

What the heck is that video player that it says I need a faster connection? DUDE! I have FiOS!

MJFredrick said...

Kelly, all we've been talking about at school is Grey's! Even the parents! Heck, even my kids! I loved that we got so much Denny time!

Natalie, I don't know what type of video, but they're from They're interviews with authors.

But yeah, I'll be watching the DVDs again, and the 8 stored on my Tivo, between now and March 15 (which is near the end of my Spring Break, so I don't want to look forward to it TOO much!)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

No, definitely not. But it's a good consolation indulgence for having to go back. :)


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