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So, clearly, I'm not going great guns on my challenge to myself. I wrote some pages last night, but fell asleep around 9.

When I started this project, the book would only come pen to paper, so the couch was a perfect place for it. But it's not really comfortable. I have a really comfortable chair and a half in the sun room, but it's cold back there. I have a teeny desk back there, too, with my old iMac on it, but the chair is wooden. Anything bigger won't fit.

I have a table in what is essentially our mud room, looking out on the back patio, but it's cold out there, too, and adjacent to where the guys play their guitars. And again, a wooden chair.

The other option is the guest room. I have another teeny desk in there with a wooden chair, and a twin bed. It does have a wall of windows, though.

The thing is, I tried the isolation bit before, and it just made me nervous. I like to be where everyone else is, but I'm not getting anything done.

Where do you write? Where do you read? I've gotten to where I only read in the tub or in bed!

And I'm currently obsessing about going back to Office Max to get some colored gel pens. Anyone else have a thing for a certain pen?

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Trish Milburn said...

I turned one of the bedrooms in our house into my office. I love it! I'm totally different when it comes to activity and noise. I can't think straight or concentrate with a lot of noise and activity around me, so I spend a lot of time in here.

Funny you should mention pens. I was just saying last night that I love this freebie pen I got from one of the hospitals here and wondered what they'd say if I walked in and said, "Say, can I buy a box of those Baptist Hospital pens?" :)

Anonymous said...

I read in bed. Or in the car - of course, if someone else is driving. As for pens, I used to have a beautiful golden pen I was writing with for 6 or 7 years. And then I lost it. Well, I lost it more than once, but usually I managed to find it or someone would bring it back to me. Now I don't get attached to pens anymore and change them often.

Stacy Dawn said...

I'm the same way, I write better with the boys underfoot because at least then I know where they are and am not distracted by wondering what they are up to LOL

I have a favorite brand of pen too...found in Walmart of all places LOL

MJFredrick said...

Trish, I'm seriously considering changing the guest room to an office. I don't know how to go about it, other than to get a bigger desk ;)

The pens I bought are Uniball Vision Elite. I bought them in colors. I am in love!

LOL on the Baptist Hospital pens!

Olga, I used to read in the car all the time, but now I get carsick! Good point about not getting attached to pens. I bought a pretty pink Dr. Grip and it's gone gone gone. My dad bought me a fancy pen for last Christmas, but it's way skinny, so I can't use it very long.

Stacy, I think worrying about the boy is WHY I can write out here in the middle of everything. I do like writing outside, when it's warm, though.

Anonymous said...

I write in the office, which is the third bedroom. With the door closed. I have to have quiet!

I read at night after eight PM, when the hubby is reading his own work and my daughter is doing her homework. I sit in the living room in the easy chair. I try and get all my grading done earlier, so I can have this little space of time to read. Reading romance has become important to me again, and I'm setting my appointment with myself to do it.


Amie Stuart said...

I am a total pen ho!

I read in bed, (and I always have a book wtih me for the ortho or dentist etc) and I bought myself a new desk so I'm writing at it, but I can do some editing in the living room depending on how clingy the children are feeling

MJFredrick said...

JoAnn, that's great about making the appt with yourself to read. Funny how we don't allow ourselves the indulgence.

Amie, what pens do you like? I always have a book, too. I finished one book at the salon and another waiting for the boy to get out of the dr. Go, me!


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