Animal Week


We're studying animals this week. The snake we had for a week goes home this AM - good thing, because he was getting cranky. He had his head drawn back most of the day, and was hissing at the kids by the end.

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I think it may have been because one of my kids brought his sugar glider and the snake sensed it.

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Isn't it the cutest thing? Nicholas took it out and it jumped on one of the girls. Much screaming ensued, but all the kids wanted Gizmo to crawl on them. One girl asked me over and over if it hurt when he crawled on me. Another girl held out her hand and when Gizmo went to her, she started screaming, so he jumped on another girl. He was still So Cute.

Today another student is supposed to bring his bearded dragon.

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I am just not as excited about this, mainly because this is the kid who NEVER gets picked up on time, the kid with the jerk of a daddy.

Plus, that is one ugly animal.

I remember as a kid in 5th grade we had a LOT of class pets, including hooded rats called Laverne and Shirley. The kids anxxiously looked forward to our turn to take care of the different animals each week.

What about you? Do you remember class pets? Are you an animal person?

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dawn said...

that bearded dragon is the freaking bomb!

we need to get together soon. waving at each other just doesn't cut it. :)

(thank you for lending vv more of spike. *licking my lips*)

Jennifer Shirk said...

No, I was a deprived child, I guess.
We never had class pets. **sniff sniff**

MJFredrick said...

The dragon didn't come today - the kid was absent. BUT another kid brought his hooded rat, which was really sweet.

You're right, Dawn - maybe next week? You name the day. (I'm an Angel girl, myself ;) )

Awww, Jennifer! My old class is so jealous because of all the "visitors" we're getting! If the dragon doesn't come tomorrow, we'll get the tree frog from another 4th grade teacher.

Trish Milburn said...

I love animals (though not snakes), but I don't remember us ever having class pets. I'm guessing they would have been viewed as too much of a distraction.

MJFredrick said...

You know, in all my years teaching, I never saw another class with so many class pets. I know one of our third grade teachers had a hamster last year and it died. My kids really want a permanent pet now, but I'm such an airhead on Friday afternoon - whatever we'd get would prolly die.


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