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Fall has always been the best time for magazines. When I was a girl, it was the August SEVENTEEN magazine and the Fall Preview TV Guide.

Yes, I love the new TV seasons! (Remember when they used to have shows previewing all the new shows? LOVED that!)

So in the tradition, I sat down with my Fall Preview Entertainment Weekly. Sadly (or, maybe a good thing), not many new shows intrigue me.

Sunday’s out – nothing I want to see there.

Monday – I suppose we’ll watch Heroes, though the guys around here are bigger fans than I am.

Tuesday is a bit of a conundrum (hey, I thought of that BEFORE I saw the kitty picture!!) The boy wants to see Cavemen, which is against Bones. And he wants to see House, which is against The Unit and Reaper. Yes, we have a Tivo, but it only records one thing at a time ☹ So decisions still have to be made.

Wednesday – I’ll give Bionic Woman a go. I was a huge fan in the 70s, though I know this will be way different. Still intriguing.

Thursday gets even more tricky. The Office is now opposite Grey’s AND Supernatural. SN gets the Tivo spot – I may be watching Grey’s online.

Friday’s messed up, too. I started watching Friday Night Lights, but it’s against Moonlight. And Men in Trees is opposite Las Vegas. I know, really, no contest, but TOM SELLECK will be on LV this year. TOM SELLECK! I love Tom Selleck. Not THAT way, but how charming is he?

And what’s up with Saturday? Nothing scheduled?


Tivo schedule: Heroes (even though we’ll watch it), Bones and House, probably, Bionic Woman, Supernatural, FNL and Men in Trees.

Watch: Heroes, Cavemen, Reaper, Bionic Woman, The Office, Moonlight and Las Vegas.

What are you watching? Any conflicts for you?

Found this of JDM's new romantic comedy.

Oh, and my hero? Noah Weston. I think. Pretty sure. Now, for a conflict.

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Candy Calvert said...

Well, I DO love Tom Selleck THAT way. ;-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I confess that I rarely watch TV--unless that delightful American Idol and 24 is on. LOL!

I used to watch the Bionic Woman when I was young. I remember my friend had the Bionic Woman Barbie. (I was so jealous) So, I might give that show a whirl.

Jennifer Shirk said...

PS. I love Tom Selleck that way, too. :)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I have a Monday conflict. My TiVo does record two shows, but I may have to record on the VCR in the bedroom for one show.

Monday--Prison Break, Heroes, Dancing with the Stars (causing the conflict, it's my kids' favorite show), and I thought I'd give Chuck a try (after four episodes have aired and I know whether they'll yank it).

Tuesday--Dancing with the Stars and Reaper (after four episodes have aired and I know whether they'll yank it).

Wednesday--while waiting (not so) patiently for Lost to return, I'll try Pushing Daisies and Bionic Woman (after...well, you know.) I not only watched BW when I was younger, I WAS Jamie Sommers. My best friend David was Steve Austin. My little brother was Oscar Goldman.

Yeah, he's still scarred.

Thursday (the ONLY night I MUST have)--Ugly Betty, Smallville, Scrubs (all of which I can do without) and SUPERNATURAL


And yeah, they've given up on Saturday, but that can sometimes mean repeats of shows from earlier in the week for those who missed them first time around.

MJFredrick said...

LOL I loved the show Magnum, and I LOVED when he was on Friends, but he's just a bit too hairy for my taste. Gotta love the dimples, though. And the voice.

Jennifer, I had a Bionic Woman Barbie! My brother had Steve Austin. Yes, I made up romances with them ;)

Natalie, I've given up on Prison Break, and fortunately am not hooked on Dancing with the Stars, though the other teachers in my unit are. LOL on your brother having to be Oscar Goldman!!!! I hope they rerun Grey's on Saturday....I hate watching TV on the computer.


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