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iz will takes theƂ ring

I woke up at SIX! After going to bed at TEN! Eight hours! (Well, kinda, I did wake in the middle of the night because I had a dream about Sarah. I dreamed she'd come to visit me and my dad was staying with me and my mom was going somewhere on a plane (she never flies) and I was late for work, like, leaving ten minutes after I was supposed to be there, and Sarah was going to come with me, then Dad was going to take us out to dinner. Weird.

Yesterday I woke up at three. I didn't get up till four, but I typed in comments for two contest entries and revised 30 pages of Ghost Hunters.

Of course, then I went to school with minimum make-up, couldn't find my school shirt, and forgot earrings and watch. By the time we started practicing at 2:00, I was wiped. I need to try to sleep more. THEN, one of my parents is a hairdresser and she gave me coupons to go get my hair done. Mind, she sees me at 3:20, I'm red and sweaty from dancing with the kids, my hair is in a clip or ponytail to keep it off my neck....

Our school library sells pens and pencils and erasers, little cute pencil sharpeners, things to raise money. When we were in on Friday, they were putting out a big box of gel pens. I bought three. My kids went crazy, too, and just my class almost decimated that box. But when I started writing Thursday night, the story just flowed with that pen! I love new pens and new notebooks for a new story, don't you?

I finished watching Supernatural Season One last night. This weekend, Friday Night Lights. Next week, Supernatural Season 2.

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Gina Black said...

I *love love love* office supplies, especially pens and paper (from back in the days when I'd save up my allowence to buy them). I completely believe in magic pens. ;)

This getting up early does mean going to bed early! Yawn.


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