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I’ve been thinking about my grandmother a LOT the past few weeks, mostly because she loved Christmas, and I’ve been reading books I think she’d love.

A few things that remind me of Gigi are
books and reading
Going to new restaurants/trying new products
Cold fronts
The change of seasons

A lot more things than I realized remind me of Renea.
Calendars (I almost cried at Hung Fong’s because she liked those calendars)
Cold fronts (they’re a big deal down here)
Greeting cards
Cozy pjs

There’s a tree on the way home from school that I heard Cindi describing one time as her favorite tree. It’s a huge red oak and just beautiful and full. Every time I see that tree, I think of her.

When I go to Guenther House, I think of Trish. (It’s harder to think of things when someone lives far away.) Okay, when I see Twilight stuff. And YA stuff. And SPN stuff.

So I started thinking about what might remind other people about me.

Chocolate, probably
Diet Coke
Pink things
Cozy pjs

What reminds people of you?



Trish Milburn said...

Amtrak :)
National Parks
all the things you mentioned -- thanks, by the way, of making me hungry for Guenther House!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I don't know what reminds people of me. Probably nothing I want to know! LOL

The following make me think of you (off the top of my head):

Texas (even though my brother lives there, too)
Jared Padalecki
SPN in general, but as part of a group
writing contests
good teachers
people who get up godawful early

MJFredrick said...

Sorry, Trish! Yep, trains make me think of you, as do rental cars :)

Natalie, soccer makes me think of you, feeling passionate about things, Sarah Connor Chronicles....quite a lot considering we've met briefly one time!

Thanks for the comment about the teachers! When I think of early birds, I think of Marianne Arkins!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Hey, those are good things to be associated with! Thank you!

Someone gets up earlier than you? Ugh!


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