Trying to be Positive

Basement Cat summons his legions...
more animals

I thought that picture was appropriate since SPN is on tonight (though a rerun.)

Report cards went out this week and yesterday I had a phone call, 2 emails and a handwritten note. Nothing negative, just concern, which is good, but parent conferences are my least favorite part of the job. I feel helpless, ya know, and walking a fine line between being honest and not hurting their feelings. And we had a meeting during planning (for which everyone but me and the woman conducting the meeting was 20 minutes late...grrrr) about a new task we have to do that is redundant and overwhelming. I went to talk to the union rep because there's a law about not too much paperwork which takes us from our teaching.

And after dropping $40 at B&N this weekend, I got a 25% off coupon for this Saturday. It wouldn't bug me except that I haven't even read the books yet!

And I got rejected from Sourcebooks. Form letter.

And then I read about Black Wednesday, which makes it feel like I'll never get picked up by NY.

At least the boy got his driver's ed completion certificate.

I also found this, which is pretty cool: Rose's Colored Glasses Calendar

And a cold front came in. I love cold fronts.

And this came up in my Google Alerts this AM: Where There's Smoke review

What are you feeling positive about today?



Kelly Boyce said...

I'm actually feeling pretty positive about Christmas for a change now that I have someone to actually share it with instead of being the odd man out amongst all the married family members. This year I get to have my own christmas instead of being jostled around in the 'who gets the single girl this year' routine.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm actually feeling positive about publishing.

Maybe it's perverse of me, but despite the things that are happening, one thing is for absolute certain:

They can't stop contracting books, or they'll doom themselves permanently.

And indeed, that's the one robust area Publishers Marketplace is reporting.

So we'll likely have adjustments to advances and print runs and maybe editorial difficulties, but the industry won't collapse, and the obstacles to selling are shifting, but not making things actually harder.

And even if I'm wrong, what can I do about it? LOL

MJFredrick said...

DEFINITELY positive, Kelly! I'm so happy for you!

I like your way of thinking, Natalie! True, they have to buy books, and I know two GH finalists who signed multi-book contracts in the past month, so they're still buying. And Samhain just bought another e-book company, so they're growing.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, excellent news, about the GH finalists! The sales news I've been hearing has been mostly already published authors.

I went looking for the info on Samhain's purchase. VERY interesting!


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