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I work with a girl a year older than me, another 3 years younger, and two girls in their twenties. The one 3 years younger wanted to have some 80s music to listen to at lunch time, so I burned a mix CD.

They don’t know any of the songs.

I tried to get the most popular song off each CD, but I admit I had off-the-wall taste in the 80s. No A-ha or Kajagoogoo, no Van Halen or Bon Jovi (sorry, Trish). I loved loved loved The Ramones. Loved Billy Idol – hey, my Billy Idol CD is missing! The boy must have it. Loved Psychedelic Furs – boy must have that one, too. Loved the Thompson Twins and Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and the GoGos and Prince. Loved Duran Duran for the music. I swear. I won’t say who I had a crush on in the 80s. No, I won’t. But it was my first concert.

There are some I like now that I didn’t like then, like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams (though I saw him in concert.)

Here was the CD I made:

We Belong Pat Benatar
Save A Prayer Duran Duran (love, love, love this song)
Need You Tonight INXS
No Myth Michael Penn (love this one, too)
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel (dh and my song)
How Soon Is Now? The Smiths (love this song)
We Can Get Together Icehouse (not my favorite, but most popular from this album)
Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant (not my favorite song – I liked Ant Music and Stand and Deliver)
Peek-A-Boo Siouxsie & The Banshees
Rudi, A Message To You The Specials
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? Elvis Costello & The Attractions
I Wanna Be Sedated The Ramones (hard to choose)
Blue Sky Mine Midnight Oil (I loved this whole album)
One Step Beyond Madness
Get It On (Bang A Gong) The Power Station
The One I Love R.E.M.
Let's Go Crazy Prince And The Revolution
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Police
Lovesong The Cure (another hard to choose – also loved Pictures of You.)
Blue Jean David Bowie
Love Shack The B-52's (also like Rock Lobster)
Hazy Shade Of Winter The Bangles (love this song – almost hurt myself trying to sing harmony)
Two Tribes Frankie Goes To Hollywood (another hard to choose)
Shadows of the Night Pat Benatar
Nothing Compares 2 U Sinéad O'Connor (loved this whole album)
Shattered The Rolling Stones (had a best friend in love with Keith Richards)
Dancing In The Dark Bruce Springsteen (didn’t listen to him much in HS)

Any of these ring bells?

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MicheleKS said...

Mary, I know all those songs. But the 80's were my formulative musical years so I listened to the radio a lot back then.

Trish Milburn said...

Gasp! No Bon Jovi? :) They're awesome in concert, BTW. And no Van Halen -- my hubby would be shocked. They're good in concert too.

I loved Duran Duran, used to fantasize about traveling with the band. :) Never saw them, alas. They actually played here this summer, but it was the night I was catching the train to head west.

Saw Pat Benetar in concert with one of those "aging rockers" type of tours. There were like 4 or 5 acts -- Pat, REO Speedwagon, some band whose name started with "O" that I can't remember, and at least one other act.

Trish Milburn said...

Just thought of it -- Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Great selection! I know almost all of them. :) I listen to the 80s station on Sirius satellite radio a lot.

Marianne Arkins said...

I knew 'em all, but only liked about half of what you listed. I had strange tastes back then... I graduated high school in '84, so my music was more late 70's (heaven forbid) and early 80's.

My first crush & first concert was Rick Springfield... But I have albums (yes vinyl - I have about 300! My husband, who is 5 years younger than me can hardly remember vinyl...scary) of folks from Dan Folgerberg and Air Supply to Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar, Duran Duran and Def Leppard.

The first album I ever bough was "Paradise Theater" by Styx. Next was "The Long Run" by The Eagles. But I think those were released in 1979... and OMG I Loved Xanadu (must have seen that movie 20 times -- I watched it a few months ago, and thought it was ridiculous, but it really did it for me when I was 15).

Egads, I'm babbling. But I've been on an 80's kick lately so you'll have to pardon me. Please.

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, I'm class of 84 too! I think the liking of different styles is why these ladies don't know the songs. Cindi is very into Van Halen and Def Leppard and all those. Sarah is more into the Gloria Estefan and pop music.

Speaking of Dan Fogelberg, I cry every time I hear his songs. The one about meeting his old girlfriend in the grocery store - sob!

The Eagles don't bring back good memories.

I have no idea who Orleans is, but I bet the dh does. Speaking of formulative - he was very instrumental in my musical taste, along with my friends Kirsten and Cora and MTV.

Anonymous said...

Great song selection! I was class of 1986...I loved Duran Duran as well. I remember skateboarding down to Music Plus in the rain to buy the Rio LP when it came out.

I started an 80s site that you might get a kick out of called www.iwasso80s.com
I made the site 'cause I truly was soooo 80s...click on my name to see a pic!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Walter from Argentina here. You should include in your list LAURA BRANIGAN. She has some of teh finest pop of the 80´s. Not only Gloria or Self Control.


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