Analytical much?

Back to work after a week off. It was a lovely, restful week, I got a lot done, and thoroughly messed up my sleep patterns. At least I have two inservices this week, so I can sleep in those days.

The other night we were watching Stealth and I mentioned something about the conflict set up between the female pilot and the male pilot who wasn’t Jamie Foxx as being nicely done. The dh turned to me and told me (in a nice way) that I couldn’t stop analyzing movies and shows.

Only I don’t think that’s true. The other night we were watching The Skeleton Key and he was the one who worked out what the twist was. I was happy to go along for the ride.

I don’t submit theories about Lost or Alias, but I listen to them. I’m just as happy to let JJ tell me a story.

Then again, I use some movies to teach my kids the elements of story telling. I love using Shark Tale for cause and effect. I use Pirates and The Mummy for character goals. I tried to use Harry Potter as a characterization thing, but there are too blasted many characters.

Maybe it's only when I am being hit over the head with something that I am even able to analyze it. What about you? Do you dive after hidden meanings, or do you prefer to stay on the surface?

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Stephanie said...

My dh gets very annoyed with me...I'm always saying, "Now that was a predicatable plot turn," or "this doesn't make sense because of X, Y or Z." I have learned to keep quiet, but inside, my head is analzying the show/movie. A sad side effect of being a writer, but hey, it's worth it!


Anonymous said...

I'm guilty too--used to point out "theme" and "dark moment"; you know, really annoying structure stuff that could cause dh to gag on his popcorn. Now I'm a much better movie "date" because I've boiled it down to one (oft repeated) all-encompassing comment: "Fabulous writing." Because, hey, that's the key to what makes a good movie, right?

Unknown said...

I'm notorious for guessing the "whudunit" ending most of the time. Makes my husband nutty.

However, we have conversations alot about scenes in movies where my husband asks me "So how would you write a scene like that?" And this is usually in a scene where there's little to no dialog, or very little action, like one of those scenes where it's pretty much just a shot of a character looking out a window or something still.

We have fun with it. He appreciates my analytical mind in that way.

Otherwise, though, if it's a movie we haven't seen, he's like "God, would you just be quiet! I'd like to get to the end without you telling me what's about to happen!"

I love annoying him like that. :) He and my mom are terrible suckers in that way. :)

MicheleKS said...

If I analyze a movie, then I'm not going to like it. It's when that part of my brain shuts down and I get engrossed that I love a movie, tv show, or book. Later, I'll go over it again with my writer's brain (so to speak) and analyze it but if I do that the first time.... not good.

MJFredrick said...

Michele, that's my theory, too. If I'm analyzing while I'm watching, it hasn't caught my interest. Now, analyzing AFTER watching, I can do.

Candice, I think I'm married to you ;) The dh completely ruined the end of The Skeleton Key for me.

Stephanie, we were critiquing one of the early episodes of Surface, and were actually having fun with it. But if it's a show I really want to see, he better not talk to me!

Candy, exactly. And I can't even analyze Joss Whedon's stuff because it is all just fabulous writing.

Anonymous said...

It depends. Sometimes I like to analyze, but most of the times I just want to relax. However, if I can predict what's going to happen, it kind of spoils the fun for me!

MJFredrick said...

My one prediction about Invasion was proven true last night!


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