BEST BUY has Supernatural Season One on sale this week for $19.99! I haven't found Season 2 for less than $37.99.

I played with my small town story a LOT yesterday. I've decided to shelve Spy Girl again, and I'm going to work on BD this AM, try to catch myself up. Once I'm done revising the Everglades scenes, though, I will be writing new stuff.

Today I'm getting out my different colored stickies, I'm going to buy a science project board and I'm going to map out all my different characters for the small town story. I've never written a book with this many people before.

I've pretty much decided to name my heroine Elinor, Ellie for short. I think she's a mailwoman. She knows everyone. And her parents own the diner, I think, and she works there every morning before her deliveries, which is where she encounters the hero on a regular basis. She has two younger sisters, including one still in HS.

Her ex, the coach, is Trey, as in Something-Something the Third. He's an only child and his mother's on the school board. Not sure what happened to his dad, but he's not around.

NO idea what to name my hero. None. Jack is the only thing I think fits, but what small town story DOESN'T have a Jack as the hero? It's kind of code - "Oh, his name is Jack, he must be the hero." Could use some ideas ;) He owns the sporting goods store. (The story is in a coastal town in Northern CA....maybe I can swing a research trip!) He comes from a family of strong women. He has three older sisters: one the high school principal, one a deputy, and the other...I'm not sure of her career, but she's in a good healthy marriage (I'm thinking the couple on Friday Night Lights kind of marriage), and he spends a lot of time with her family. I don't know his conflict yet, though.

His sister the principal set him up with a teacher, Vivian, so there's a little triangle there.

His best friend the preacher is Matt. I'm working on making him non-stereotypical.

So you can tell I'm pretty excited about this story. Any ideas for a hero's name would be greatly appreciated.

Names I've rejected: Greg, Jeff, Matt, Andrew, Jesse, Brody, Cole, Colin, Conor, Dylan, Garrett, Sean, Jamie, Chris, Liam, Max, Nick, Quinn, Shane (sorry, Trish!), Travis, Trevor and Will.

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MicheleKS said...

Some suggestions: John, Bill, Jay, Kyle, Mike.

Trish Milburn said...

Sam, Hayden, Eric, Aaron, Tony, Grant

Marianne Arkins said...

Hey... I'm from N. Calif -- and have a friend living in Monterey and a sister in SF. Go ahead... ask me a question. LOL...

Growing up, I had crushes on or dated guys named: Greg, Chris, Eric, Richard, Robbie, Robert, Rod, Joel, Russ, Terry, and Mike (that I can remember... I'm sure there were more - LOL). Any help?

MJFredrick said...

Hey, Marianne....I may be picking your brain later.

I avoi John because that's my dad's name. I have a Sam. Eric was in the running for awhile, then I was listening to a workshop and someone said Noah and I said THAT'S IT!!!

I think.

Pretty sure.


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