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So I have a Google Alert for MJ Fredrick and this morning I had a notice that Mrs. Giggles reviewed Hot Shot.


She didn't like Gabe, but gave me a 77. Here's the review. It's just another rite of passage. Interesting she mentioned ER, though, since Clooney was the inspiration.

I managed 3 pages last night in between picking son up from school, taking son to band practice, picking up dinner for myself (because dh also had band practice) then picking ds up from band practice. It takes me as long to get to the kid's house where they practice as it takes me to get to work on the other side of town, so I essentially made 3 commutes yesterday. Listened to a big chunk of Nora's Red Lily.

The week isn't looking any easier, either.



Marianne Arkins said...

I live in fear of Mrs. Giggles. Apparently, she's decided NOT to review "Liv".


Going to read YOUR review now.

L M Gonzalez said...

"Not bad", Mary. :)

Reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. I got a bit down over a couple of my reviews. But, as other writers have said, "pick out the cherries from the pits".

Besides, we don't want reviewers, we want readers and readers, including me, don't take a reviewer's words as "gospel". I don't even listen to movie critics because the movies they like, I don't and vice versa.

You're still a bestseller at The Wild Rose Press.


Maureen McGowan said...

Congrats on scoring the Ms. Giggles review!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought that was a pretty good review from Mrs. Giggles, Mar...she is the anti-Mikey, she hates almost everything. But to get a 77 from her is darned good!


Tracy Montoya said...

Wow, a 77 from Mrs. Giggles is practically War and Peace! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading the books when they're out in paperback! (Because I'm at my computer too much and so don't read on it.)

MJFredrick said...

The more I think about it, the more I can go along with what she said - everything except what she said about Gabe. And it is good to be noticed by her, right? Maybe it will help sales.

Tracy, I'm with you. When I buy ebooks I print them out to read - sitting at the computer is "work."


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