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So Smoke has dropped to number 8 on the bestseller list last time I checked, and Hot Shot...well, who knows how Hot Shot is doing? The buzz was starting to wear off this week, and then....

Tuesday morning Cindi walked into my classroom with a bouquet of flowers. Now I know she knows when my bday is, and I thought, well, she's early. But no, she brought them to congratulate me for my books. They came out during the worst of her health scare, and she felt bad she hadn't done anything to recognize the occasion. See why I love her?


Last night we went to go see my cousin's baby (do I have a picture of THAT? No, because I went straight to Mom's from tutoring and didn't take my camera.) He's beautiful and nameless. She wants a name with the initials JB because that's my grandpa's name, and my uncle's name and her initials and her older son's initials are JB. My cousin is big for tradition. Anyway, he's this gorgeous baby with her dimple and his daddy's cleft chin. (BTW, this is the cousin I based Smoke on.) Afterwards, we went to eat and then went to my parents' land. My aunt and uncle have a house out there, so they came over and brought me this.


I'd been written up in the Reporter last week. The librarian had brought me a copy, but my uncle and aunt went to the trouble of saving the article and the masthead and laminating it "for my scrapbook." Scrapbook, hell, I'm framing it. When they left they said they were very proud of me. :::sniff::: (This is the uncle who READ my very first novel when I was about 10 years old. He also read Hot Shot, come to think...)

So the thrill continues ;)



Gina Black said...

Congrats Mary! Beautiful flowers. :)

JB huh . . .

John Benjamin?
James Bruce?

Big names for a little one.

Marianne Arkins said...

OH... Great article!!!


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Gina and Marianne!!!

I don't know if my cousin has named her baby yet...huh.


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