So What Would Be the Weirdest Thing...

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About dating your best friend's husband, if she was out of the picture? I feel like I'm not plumbing the depths of emotion enough here in my book. (The wife is dead in my book.)

Also, I don't think I've made my heroine and her best friend different enough. Both are vivacious and energetic. I need to give Ellie something more so my hero isn't just sliding her into the place of his ex.



Amie Stuart said...

I would NEVER date my best friends hubby if she died. I don't like him--granted she didn't like my ex so I guess we're even LOL

Things that could be weird: Remembering all the conversations/jokes/teasing/bitchfests you had with your best friend about the hubster (IE he's good in bed, he never puts the seat down, he loves to cook but never cleans up after himself, he sleeps commando etc--all the little thing she knows about him via her best friend that the normal heroine starting out might not?).

As to how to make her different...hmmm my best friend is very social/vivacious etc. I'm moreso in small groups with very good friends, whereas she's good in big social situations and I"m very awkard/quiet. Even in small groups sometimes I don't say much but i tend to have friends who talk alot LOL so I don't have to

So we're both vivacious but in different ways. Being the same, doesn't necessarily mean being EXACTLY the same.

Maybe one was energetic and finished things while the other tended to flit from thing to thing. Maybe one is more athletic and sports oriented while the other is more a homebody. I'm just throwing these out there hoping they help spark something for you *g*

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I think maybe the weirdest thing might be all the intimacies she knows about him from the best friend that he doesn't know she knows. Far beyond the toilet seat and cleaning up after himself--stuff like how he didn't stand up to his mother when she attacked the best friend, or that he cried when their son was born, or the trick she does when he's too tired to get it up that works every time.

Amie Stuart said...

Natalie makes a great point!

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Amie! I think that's why I'm having trouble imagining - I would never date Cindi's dh - he's too bossy. I have a bit of the inner secrets in the book, and your ideas about making them different did indeed spark something!

Natalie, I love this! Thanks!


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