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Here is my project list. I revised my spreadsheet about what I'm working on when so I can give better attention to each.

revise Surface for backstory and paranormal element - target NAL, HQN, Berkley, Dorchester, Kensington, Source, Samhain
revise Ghost Hunters for atmosphere, motivation and to make it not a SPN clone - need to double check to see who has turned this baby down ;)
revise Spy Girl for external conflict and hero and setting (remember, was a Nano book) - target NAL, HQN, Berkley, Dorchester, Kensington, Source, Samhain
revise Vamp story for characterization, plot and setting (also a Nano book) - target NAL, HQN, Berkley, Dorchester, Kensington, Samhain
revise cop story for plot - target SRS and Samhain

write cruise ship story - target SRS and Samhain
write bodyguard story - target SRS and Samhain
write assassin story - target SRS and Samhain
write undercover story - target SRS and Samhain
write high concept story - absolutely need to do a plotting retreat or something with this one

Last night we went to Cindi's to give her son his bday present. We sat out back and ate watermelon and cupcakes and watched the kids and the kitten play. It was really nice. Also watched a TON of Veronica Mars yesterday. I checked the last two seasons out at the library, and, well, you only get them for a week, and that's 10 discs! I still have Season 3 to go. And my Tivo is about to explode, as well. I see another day in front of the boob tube in my future, after I finish judging contest entries.

I also saw Definitely Maybe yesterday, a nice movie from a guy's POV. The concept is that he's getting divorced, and his daughter wants to know why he fell out of love with his mother and he tells her the story of the three women he loved, without telling her which one is her mother. Really sweet, not kid friendly.




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