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I slept TERRIBLY last night. I couldn't fall asleep, then the dog barked at 1:30 because she was still outside. I didn't go back to sleep until 3, then woke at 5:30. Teaching should be FUN today.

The weather is changing. We were 80 yesterday and right now a front is blowing in that's going to take us into the 30s this afternoon. I love this weather....only all my pants need to go to the cleaners!

Finally started Pagan Stone yesterday. Is gooood, but print is tiny.

Also made gingerbread men and molasses cookies this weekend. Yay!

And while I was awake last night, I figured out the next two scenes in my Texas book.

Would someone please tell me what to get my guitar-playing computer geek husband????



kris said...

Mary, have you looked through the Think Geek catalog? They have lots of fun & unique stuff.

michellewillingham said...

How about the Guitar Hero game? (assuming you have a video game system?)

MJFredrick said...

Kris, I went and I liked some of the t-shirts, especially the caffeine molecule!

Michelle, that's part of the problem. He'd love the new Tomb Raider game, but we only have a PS2, and that won't release until January.

He told me last night he wants a new guitar strap. Then he asked what I wanted. Um....gulp!


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