Is this significant?

I dreamed that my sister in law (who actually works in the main office of my school district) worked for Harlequin and came to San Antonio with Brenda Chin and another editor whose name I knew in the dream. Neither editor looked like they really do. They were here for a conference, but I ended up taking Brenda Chin to my house for some reason. The house was in the right neighborhood, but was in the wrong location, and was literally falling down, and I brought Brenda Chin to it! Worse, when we were driving, we saw moose grazing in the alley. Moose! I live in South Texas!!

What the heck does this mean?

And no, I didn't drink before bed.

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Stephanie said...

Well, Mary, Brenda IS one of us crazy Canadians, and we DO have moose here. Hmm. Are you waiting to hear back anything from Brenda, or are you planning a trip to Toronto?? If you visit, please come stay at my house...I swear it's not falling down!


Trish Milburn said...

LOL. I have no idea it means anything, but that's some funny imagery. Not your house falling down part, but the moose in Texas. I have all kinds of weird dreams and wake up going, "What the heck made my brain come up with that?"

MJFredrick said...

Hm, I didn't make the Canadian connection.

And I did find out that Brenda Chin is the long category judge in one of the contests I entered (before I knew who the judges were.) I know she won't like my stuff - not sexy enough....

Anonymous said...

LOL, Mary }:) I have no clue what it means.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I hope it means that Brenda Chin will love your entry in the contest and that you will win! Maybe even sell?


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