Anna Nicole Smith and Is It Thursday Yet?

I was going to blog about triangles and my rotten day yesterday, but I heard about Anna Nicole Smith and for some reason the news really bothered me. Yes, she was messed up and the butt of a lot of jokes, but this is so sad!

Okay, a confession - I used to watch her show. I don't remember when it was on. It seems like a long time ago, but it would be on at almost midnight on Saturdays, and that was my guilty pleasure. I remember cringing at what she did, but I still watched every week. I remember thinking what kind of attitude her son would have toward women after watching his mom behave that way. I was really upset when her son died, right there in the hospital where she'd just given birth. I was grossed out when Howard her lawyer claimed to be her baby's daddy. (I don't know why - she never was very discriminating.)

But even though she was one messed up girl, I was always hoping she'd pull herself together and get her happily-ever-after. Maybe I'll write her one.

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On a lighter note - how awesome were Grey's and Supernatural last night???? Although, please, Kripke, can we put paid to the whole you-gotta-promise-to-kill-me conversation? Every dang episode!!! At least now Dean made his intentions known, we may get a reprieve! And next week's episodes look great, too! (Please remember, I came up with the ghost stories coming true first!)

I have to go back to the bank because I got a new debit card which got DECLINED at Office Max yesterday, so clearly it's not working (I have $$ for a switch!) And then the post office. Maybe I won't cook tonight ;)

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Anonymous said...

It's so sad :(

Grey's was awesome. I watch Supernatural on Friday, and yes I started watching cause of you, Mary :)

Anonymous said...

Every death, especially untimely one, is incredibly sad. Besides, everybody deserves happiness, and public image and what's really going on inside might be two very different things.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Mary, did you use your debit card at an ATM first? That's usually how you have to activate it.

Anonymous said...

((())) on the debit card. I love the first of the month day. Do you guys get paid once a month, also? Just wondering.

I was bothered over ANS as well, it just seems odd that this would happen to her and her son in less than 6 months. I watched her show as well. Do you remember Bobby Trendy? Woah...

MJFredrick said...

BWAHAHA, Bonnie! I got ANOTHER one! Kripke should reward me. Hm, wonder what I'd ask for.....

Exactly right, Olga. ANS deserved some peace and happiness. Maybe she has it.

Natalie, I was at the bank on Wednesday for new checks, and while I was there, I told them I needed to activate my card, so they did it. Turned out they cancelled my new card instead of my old!

HEY, Kendra! We get paid the end of the month and the 15th. It was a big space between this year, because of MLK. And yes! I'd forgotten about Bobby Trendy! I wonder if ANS had PPD, as well as being upset over the death of her son.


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