Bad TV

You know, we've talked a lot about what's good on TV. What are some bad shows? Not the ones that don't hold my attention, but ones that are not well done. I personally can't think of any. Can you?

Off to get Halloween costumes for the party tonight. Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

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Julie said...

Someone will disagree, but CSI has become painful to watch. The science is bad, but the plots are REALLY bad. A couple months ago, at the end of a show, I told the hubby "This is where the ghost saves him" and the hubby said "WHAT?" and I said, "Well, they've used every other cliche I could think of already."

J.F. Cossey said...

Hi, Mary!! I'm baaaack :D

Well, ok... I'll probably get lambasted for this, but... I hate UGLY BETTY. I wanted to love it, from the ads it looked amazing, but... I don't know, it's just silly to me. Too much of the same joke.

To each her own, I guess. There are shows I watch that I love, that others would probably hate.

Oh well.

If not for these differences, authors would be sh*t out of luck, unless they happened to write that ONE thing everybody loved. :)

MJFredrick said...

JULIE AND JESSE!!! Dudes, if I'd known this subject would draw you two out, I would have put it up long ago!

Julie, was CSI always so bad? I never could watch it because of the ICK factor. I remember a friend used to complain at the over-explaining.

What about Numbers? How can that stay original? Anyone watch it?

Jesse, first, how the heck are you, newlywed??? How's the art coming? Or are you writing?

Good point on differences being good for us, but I can see how playing the same joke would get old.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I am surprised that I like Ugly Betty so much. I think I like it because they are showing the characters to be more and more complex, not just caricatures of the stereotypes they were created to be. I don't think it's worth its top rating, however. Other shows are better.

The two shows I dislike a LOT are 30 Rock and Twenty Good Years. I watched one episode of 30 Rock and it was so unfunny and self-congratulatory I immediately took it off my TiVo Season Pass.

Twenty Good Years I've kept watching, because every time I'm about to take it off, there's one really funny part that makes me keep it. It's pretty over-the-top, though.

I watch Numb3rs, and I like it a lot. I don't watch ANY other cop/procedural shows. I am soooo tired of them. But I started watching Numb3rs both for the gimmick and for Rob Morrow, and stayed because they DO somehow make it interesting each week. I love the characters, and they find a way to apply the math to anything, which is always fun to see.

Anonymous said...

I had trouble with this one, but it intrigued me. There are A LOT of shows out there that I don't like, but you said shows that were done bad. I couldn't think of any, not even older shows.

My sons came up with the show Freddie Prinze had. I don't think it's on anymore. I never watched it to know for sure if it was done badly.

I like 'Ugly Betty', too, though if they were going to have a show with Latino characters, why did the heroine have to look like such a dork? (it's based on a Spanish novella, did ya'll know?)

Oh! Which reminds me of another show with Latino characters - the George Lopez show - this was unrealistic at times. George, the dad, always went in and solved the problem.

In the Latino households, one of which I grew up in, and others that I know and love, the mom is the one who takes care of the discipline, especially of the daughters. In George's show (though I like him and admire him for wanting to squelch stereotypes), the mom seems to just go in and out, admonish George and the their kids, but doesn't really do anything about it. And that grandma! I know she was supposed to be funny and not stereotypical - rolling tortillas and praying her rosary - but did she really have to catch an STD and be such an awful mother? LOL


MJFredrick said...

Freddy Prinze just overacts ;) Bless his heart.

Lupe, my class and I were talking about Latin characters on TV, and the kids said they're either bad guys or idiots. I'm thinking of getting them to write letters to networks (hey, teachable moment and all that.) I knew Ugly Betty was based on a novella, but it's on opposite The Office (though if they don't get Jim back to Pam's office, I'm quitting.)

I don't watch many sitcoms, so I didn't try 30 Rock or the John Lithgow show. A good thing?

And where was Studio 60 last night?

J.F. Cossey said...

Hey Mary: Married life is wonderful. Lot of changes (we just bought a car, moved into our house in August, working on a baby[including a fertility appt in Jan]), but wonderful. I am writing now. I took a hiatus from all for a few months to focus on being married, and was still doing art as a hobby, but even then I wasn't all that inspired to paint -- it always felt like WORK. Unpleasant work. Now that I've picked up my writing again after settling in to marriage, I feel free and at peace. That's my calling, I know it. And I'm actually writing an average of 3 pages a day now!!! [I think of you often, Mary, and your dedication, and you inspire still and always]. So art will be a hobby. :)

I actually like CSI a lot and watch that and CSI Miami all the time. I used to watch Numbers every week religiously, but got really tired of it (you'd THINK they could come up with unique plots). It's unfortunate, because that concept is just brilliant.

MJFredrick said...

Jessie, wow on all the changes! Good luck with the fertility specialist! And awesome on the three pages a day! I wish I could be that consistent!


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