I just washed my hair and you should see all the hair that fell out in my hands. This has happened before, when I was really stressed at work, at the Job from Hell.

Why am I stressed now?

The ds had to have a wisdom tooth pulled today. He is not handling it well. Plus, you know, expensive. Of course, I compensated by going to Walmart to get his meds and spending $60 on soft foods (and Reds. It's on DVD now.)

I woke up at 2 AM remembering that my grade level is doing the PTA program in 3 weeks. We haven't even written the play yet. (We have the idea, know how that goes.)

Tutoring starts this week (would have started today but I was taking the ds to the dentist.) FORTUNATELY, my next door neighbor is going to tutor for me on Thursdays, so I'll only tutor once a week afterschool - but I'm doing two mornings a week for some of my kids whose parents can't come after school.

That little Emmy celebration at the end of the week. I've called my mom twice to see if she'd watch the boy, but haven't gotten a word in edgewise. I know she WILL, but....(and while the TV station reimburses the dh for the hotel room, they don't for the food and tux and gas.)

It took over 14 hours to burn all those CDs. It is not exaggerating to say that I'm GLAD I'm not librarian anymore. And I didn't make the sign out sheets for each CD and I'm feeling guilty.

I haven't written since Friday.

So, my prescription is the couch, Trish's new ms, The Unit and Halloween cookies.

And this.

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Anonymous said...


Love you,

Anonymous said...

Cookies. Yum. Can I have some?!?
You're going to have so much fun this weekend.

MJFredrick said...

Alas, I didn't make the cookies. The boy is so miserable, he couldn't enjoy them. Will have to save them for Grey's Day, since I'll be at SARA tomorrow night!

Cindy Taylor said...

I feel for you with the hair loss, being that I just went through the stress cycle myself lately with the same result. The cookies will make you fell better, so hopefully you can make them soon.

Anonymous said...


Stacy Dawn said...

Oh, gosh. You need a holiday. ((hugs))

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Cindy, Bonnie and Stacy. Made the brownies last night for LOST, helped a lot, though I couldn't relax till the dh got home!

One more day....

Tracy Montoya said...

Yes, Mary, you totally need to relaaaaxx. So sorry about your hair!

My body's been all out of whack since I had Marin 11 months ago, and now every time I get a little stressed, my nose starts to sweat! If it's really bad (like I've just stopped Maggie from running into traffic), my whole face goes. It's horribly embarrassing--I have so much hair, I'd rather some of it fell out instead!

MJFredrick said...


My face gets red, too. Bad, bad, bad.

I have a lot of hair, too! I don't miss it much when it falls out, but it's kinda scary.


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