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The guy who took all the pictures in Houston hasn't been back to work yet. Sigh.

My son, who had a wisdom tooth pulled last week, has dry socket, which means he sucked the blood clot out and has to go back to the dentist again today. Which means another rush-rush from my school to his, another packed waiting room.

We had Open House last night - what they're calling Reading Night, and guess how many parents came, from the whole grade level? Come on, guess? Two. We stayed till 6:45, for two parents. The bigwig whose idea it all was came by and we told him. On the plus side, I learned my school laptop has freecell. On the downside, I ditched my hose at around 1 because they kept falling to my knees. Not the best impression. But I hate wearing closed toed shoes with no hose!

I get observed next week and I keep having nightmares about it. Our PTA program is two weeks from last night and I just worked out the dance steps yesterday. I have to make a revision on the play already. I thought one of the groups was turkeys, but it was Native Americans.

I finally got my Supernatural DVD, but it will have to wait. Tonight is big TV night, last night we watched Monster House. I also have Prairie Home Companion and Cheaper by the Dozen sitting here, and my son wants Nacho Libre, and I want either Over the Hedge or An American Haunting with our free Blockbuster coupons.

I'm still waffling on Nano. It would mean putting Alex aside for a month, and my dad and his wife are thinking of coming Thanksgiving week, so.....

Not sure how I feel about this picture, but I'm posting it anyway. I miss writing.

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Colleen Gleason said...

We saw Over the Hedge. The kids liked it, but I thought it was over

But at least it wasn't as screamingly horrifible as Barnyard. UGH.

Anyway, Over the Hedge had some cute parts, but Cars was wayyy better. (Did you see that one yet?)

I love the picture of you and Fred and everyone at the station! How gorgeous you all look. Congrats again to Fred. A three-fer is great!

Kelly Boyce said...

I really want to do NaNo but I'm mroe in revision mode. Unless the meeting with the editor this Saturday produces a request, in which case I may sign up to get the manuscript written since all I have done is what I gave to the editor. We'll see what happens...

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, J has dry socket. Ugh, I feel for him. I had it and it was horrible.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm looking forward to Happy Feet. That looks like it has all the other recent cutesy animal movies beat. :)

I'm doing NaNo! If you decide to do it, let me know so I can put you on my Buddy List. My username is Nuj.

MJFredrick said...

I went to get Over the Hedge but they were out. So I got American Dreamz. We just watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and I liked it a lot. Cried a lot.

I know it's weird that I watch kid movies, but I figure it keeps me in touch with my kids.

Cars will be on DVD soon - will get it then.

Good luck, Kelly! This is the first year since I've known about Nano that I've not been in revision mode. We'll see.

Happy Feet does look good! As does Eragon.

My Nano name is MaryF13.


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