To Be, or Not To Be

My son was peer editing last night for homework (to save his life, because grades are due today and he kind of took this grading period off!) He kept asking us different ways to say sentences, because they cannot use any "be" verbs. Any. At all.

I understand her reasoning, to get the kids to think harder about what they're writing, but won't that just sound stilted without ANY "be" verbs?

Of course, it's probably easier in 5 pages than in 300, but I'm really wondering about her philosophy here.

BIAW kind of stumbled the last two days with this stupid transition scene. And I realized I need more of a connection between them. Don't know what.

Look what I found!

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Anonymous said...

Cool Grey's Collage :)

Stephanie said...

Hey, I wanted to ask, did you see Beowulf & Grendel? If so, what did you think of it? I found the movie a bit boring (granted, it IS a 1500 year-old storyline), but Gerald was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome collage.
I have no idea what she's thinking. It's kind of like those teachers who say you can't start a sentence with and. I think teachers don't really know how to explain active writing.

MJFredrick said...

Isn't this cool? I saw it in EW, then went searching for it online.

Stephanie, yes, I own Beowulf. Yes, boring. Yes, GERRY!!! Damn, he looked good. May watch that again tonight.


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