Today would have been my grandfather's 100th birthday. He died 19 years ago, but I still miss him. He spoiled me rotten.

So last night I took my bath at 6:30, baked Halloween cookies (the Nestle ones with the candy pumpkins and bones in them) and popped cheddar popcorn, then parked my butt on the couch for Bones (not really good to eat the cookies by, BTW). I loved that Hodgins knocked off Cam and Booth. I kind of think they diluted the chemistry between Bones and Booth, though. My dh nailed how the girl was killed. I was so proud!

LOST started GREAT! I'm so intrigued, but they're going to have to answer some more questions soon.

I LOVED The Nine. I loved the different characters' interactions with each other. I am dying to know what the doctor did. I love Tim Daly. I cried over the death of a character I knew 10 minutes. Very intense show.

Wednesdays are lost for me now. (Though Bones is on break till after Halloween - I will still watch Jericho.)

So what did you all think?

Oh, and I have dreamed, for the last two nights, about sharing close quarters with the other teachers at school. Night before, I dreamed I had to share a classroom with 4 teachers, and last night I dreamed we went to some camp and we were all sleeping in a big barracks. Does this mean I'm ready for the long weekend???

Grey's tonight, and Supernatural! Absolutely time to set my VCR.

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Anonymous said...

Those cookies sound delicious :)

Thursday is definitely a great night for TV!

Kelly Boyce said...

I loved the NINE too. I'd watch Tim Daly recite the phone book, but this show was soooo entertaining. And Lost was great, I think they'll be back on track this year. Now it's Greys tonight - woo hoo!

Tracy Montoya said...

ARRRGGHH! My doofus husband (Hey! I can abbreviate that DH.) apparently co-opted the Tivo and CANCELLED MY RECORDING OF BONES! Men!

Glad someone enjoyed it. ::grumble:::

Anonymous said...

I loved LOST!!! Totally didn't see that opening coming at all. Enjoyed THE NINE, but I've got so many other things to watch, I'm not sure I'll stick with it. We'll see.

Loved Jericho. Got my mom hooked on it last night. *g*

Colleen Gleason said...

Ummm...did you dream about sharing the quarters with anyone other than just, say, the teachers at school????

Heh heh heh.

April said...

Cookies... yum!

I've managed to avoid Wednesday nights. But reading your post really didn't help :-). But Thursdays starting at 8:30 are a bust for me. I've got 20 more minutes!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Nine and Lost. Interesting that you dreamed about close quarters and Meredith did too. :-)

MJFredrick said...

The cookies WERE awesome, and there were even some left for Grey's (which rocked!)

Tracy, for two weeks in a row I've taped Supernatural and watched Grey's. Last week I missed the end of SN and this week the beginning. I WANT A TIVO!

I'd heard before that the beginning of Lost would be unrecognizable. But man, it was cool! I'm so anxious to see what's going on. Apparently it was some kind of animal research facility. Why are they holding Sawyer and Kate together and Jack separately? Why are they holding them at all? And did you see the way Sawyer looked at Kate???

YES, Colleen, just the TEACHERS (thank God).

April, is that The Office you were rushing off to see? Another great show, but I would have dragged the Dwight thing on for another episode.

LOL, Mary Beth!!! Not THOSE kinds of close quarters! But wasn't Grey's great last night? And Eric Dane's name is in the actual credits, not guest stars.


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